Community Spotlight at BlogEngage

blogengage community spotlight

I was being chosen as the first community spotlight at Thank you for the pick, Brian, it’s an honour to be the first one :)

BlogEngage is a great blog submissions site but also a great community for bloggers. BlogEngage has been around for 2 years and it has indeed come a long way! Brian, the owner, has always been dedicated to the site and always tweaked it to be better and better. His hard work doesn’t go in vain as the site now has a PageRank of 4 and an Alexa Rank of around 30K.

If you haven’t, feel free to join in and submit your latest blog articles at!

About Michael Aulia

Owner of, Michael is a tech enthusiast who blends a love for gadgets with a passion for gaming. With insightful articles and professional reviews, he navigates the digital landscape, offering expertise on consumer electronics and gaming trends.

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