iPod Nano, now comes with camera + iTunes 9 release

ipod nano with camera

I know it won’t be long til Apple put a Camera on an iPod Nano. The new iPod Nano looks almost exactly the same as the iPod Nano 4th Generation (a.k.a Nano Chromatic) with a few yummy features such as a video camera, a radio, and a pedometer for the sport enthusiast.

The Camera

ipod nano video camera example videos

It’s a bit unclear whether you can just take pictures with it since the official page only specifies video recording (with mic built-in). I assume if you can take a video then you can of course take a picture with the same camera.

The movie qualities aren’t bad actually, as you can see for yourself on sample videos taken by the new iPod Nano. This will make it easier too to share videos on YouTube rather than fiddling with a video editing software and compresing it up.

Radio Tuner

ipod nano radio tuner fmThe new iPod Nano also comes with a built-in FM Radio Tuner. It also comes with more exciting features such as the Live Pause feature. It allows you to pause the radio station and resume where you left at (it can be rewinded as far as 15 minutes, which is a cool feature!).

There is also a feature called iTunes Tagging while you are listening to a radio station. When you listen to a song that you like on the radio channel, you can tag it so that you can remember the song title and purchase it later if you wish. I often found a song I like on a radio but didn’t know the name of the song. This feature will certainly come in handy!


ipod nano pedometer

The built-in pedometer will keep you motivated since you can track your progress easily with the new iPod Nano. Although I personally believe that true motivation comes from the inside, some external factors can actually motivate you as well.

It tracks every step you take and you can even set a daily goal on it. Pretty cool although I won’t normally use this kind of thing :D It can also track your pace, time, and distance as you work out in the gym so it’ll benefit not just for those joggers!

iTunes 9

Not going to talk much about it but feel free to update your iTunes and find out what’s new on iTunes page.

And oh, don’t forget to check my iPod Nano 4th Generation review post as well.

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