Can’t see your iPhone on iTunes? Here is how to fix it

iTunes 11

iTunes 11.1.4 was out today (or yesterday). After updating the iTunes software installed on my Windows 8.1 to 11.1.4, I could no longer find my iPhone 5s on iTunes. It just went missing. Disappeared. Poof. Gone. I did have a pop-up window asking me to “trust this computer”, but pressing on the “Trust” button didn’t seem to do anything. I’ve even tried replugging my iPhone a few times.

Thanks to a solution that I found in Apple’s forum, there is a fix to this.

How to make your iPhone appears on iTunes again

[1] Go to Device Manager
On Windows XP, you can go here from the Control Panel or by right clicking on “My Computer”->Properties->Device Manager. On Windows 7/8, you can simply press the Windows start button and search for “Device Manager”.

[2] On Device Manager, click on the “Portable Devices” on the list and you should see your “Apple iPhone” there. Right click on it and click on “Update driver software”.

Portable Devices

[3] When asked about how you want to search for driver software, pick the second option where you can Browse my computer for the driver software.

[4] Click on the Browse button and point it to: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\Drivers. Then press the “Next” button.

[5] Windows should then update the drivers automatically and display a successful update window.


Before I did this, iTunes does not have my iPhone:

no iPhone


iphone appearing

No iPhone on iTunes? No worriez.

Source: Apple Support Communities

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