An update to DISQUS Commenting System

DISQUS Commenting system

On my other blog, Write for God, I installed a commenting system called DISQUS. I haven’t properly made a review or an impression about it yet but it’s quite a sleek system. Just got an email of the latest updates:

  • Introducing the Narcissus comment system theme. If you aren’t already using this theme, be sure to enable it by going to your settings and clicking customize. All the new features are built right into this theme, so make sure you’re using Narcissus to fully enjoy Disqus Comments on your site.
  • Disqus is now real-time. Posting comments is instantaneous and new comments are updated right before your eyes — all without reloading the page.
  • Tools for administrators have been redone to be as robust and powerful as you need it to be. Check out the new moderation panel for the most consistent way to manage your community’s discussion.
  • More integrations! Now visitors can login with Yahoo!, alongside Twitter and Facebook.

If you are looking for something more than the default commenting system, you should either try DISQUS or IntenseDebate (both are very popular although lots of bloggers recommend DISQUS, I forgot why though).

I haven’t installed it on this blog yet and not sure if I want to at this stage.

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