Plantronics M55 Review–A Bluetooth headset that can last for months on standby

Plantronics M55

Plantronics M55 ReviewPlantronics M55 has a similar design with the Marque M155 that I reviewed back in January. However, the main highlight of the M55 is the new DeepSleep mode which will automatically activate its power-saving mode when the M55 is away from your phone for over 90 minutes.

This may sound like a little thing to have but the DeepSleep mode can extend the battery life of the Bluetooth device for up to 150 days, according to Plantronics.

Plantronics M55 packaging:



The packaging does not seem to include additional ear buds like they normally do (probably to save cost) but the given one seems to fit my ears pretty well.

There is also an included ear hook but so far I don’t need it as the M55 stays sturdy on the ear and never falls off from my ear.

The M55, like any other Plantronics Bluetooth headset, is compact and stylish to wear. It’s made of glossy surface coated in Black with silver edges.


The main button can be used to pair the device, answer calls, reject calls, and to do the other functionalities. The actions are quite easy to remember (such as tapping, double tapping, press and hold, etc). I can also confirm that the Plantronics M55 works with Siri (I remember one of the Plantronics headsets I reviewed does not).  The button is quite sensitive though as I accidentally pressed it a couple of times during calls (which disconnects the call, oops). So hands off the headset while you are on a call.

Of course, if you are busy driving or working, you can use your voice to answer and reject your calls, which is quite handy as there are occasions when you need both of your hands elsewhere while on call.


The M55 headset is also equipped with digital noise reduction and echo-cancelling to improve the quality of your calls. I haven’t tested the headset in a really noisy environment unfortunately, but so far the call quality is decent and clear.  There is also a volume button which takes you to a few steps of volume levels (with indicator when you have reached the maximum level).

Again, the main feature of the M55 is the DeepSleep mode. The headset is perfect for those who don’t make/receive calls frequently but want to have a Bluetooth headset handy at all times (people like me). I’m often too lazy to turn my Bluetooth headset off on the desk (or just forgot about it most of the time). In times, often when I need it the most, the device has no more juice in it.


With the M55, once your headset is away from your phone for over 90 minutes, it will go to this standby mode. This condition is also true if you turn the Bluetooth off on your phone. To wake the M55 up, you only need to tap the main button and it wakes up instantly. Normally if you turn a Bluetooth device off, it needs a few seconds at least to get it back up.

I wish the 90 minutes can be reduced to further save the battery life but even with the 90-minute duration, Plantronics mentions that the DeepSleep mode can extend the battery for almost  half a year. This way, you’ll never need to worry about turning your device on and off ever again.

The Plantronics M55 is low in price, stylish, compact, and also have the wonderful DeepSleep mode. It is perfect for casual users who don’t make/take calls often and want an affordable Bluetooth headset around when they need it.

Note: Plantronics M55 review sample was provided for the review

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