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Pick your favorite friends on Facebook to see their posts more often


In an announcement made today by Facebook, you will soon be able to have more controls over your Facebook news feed, such as having favorite friends selected so you’ll never miss their status updates ever again.

Sure, we already have this in a way by adding favorites or your own lists of “Best friends” but you still have to go there manually, rather than having the favorites integrated into your main Facebook news feed.

Facebook, however, will now let you select which friends (and Facebook pages) that are important to you. You will then see their status updates or posts on the top of your news feed, marked by a star.

It’s a great add-on to make sure you keep in touch with the people closest to you.

And what about other people whose status you don’t really care anymore? Though the “Unfollow” feature has been around on the desktop, it’s not on the mobile app just yet. In this latest coming update, the feature will make it to the mobile app.

Facebook Friends Unfollow is a good tool because we all have friends who just keep on blabbering about themselves, or sharing those same, uninteresting things that are not our cup of tea (video of cats, or whatever you dislike). You don’t want to hurt their feelings by unfriending them, right? The “Unfollow” means you won’t see their status updates any longer but you’ll still be friends on Facebook.

The update will roll out to iOS users first and will follow to Android and the desktop after.


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