Felix WriteOn Bluetooth Keyboard offers an ultra-thin and ultra-light design

Felix WriteOn Review – Felix WriteOn is possibly the thinnest and most lightweight Bluetooth keyboard I have ever come across. At only 4.5mm thick and 160g, this device surely packs a punch. According to the specification, once fully charged, it can last up to 2 months with an average of 2 hours of usage per day.

The charge is done via the usual micro-USB port. The cable is provided in the box, although the wall charger is not.

Since the keyboard is very thin, it is very susceptible to bending. Straight out of the box, the keyboard already has a slight bend which in terms of iPhone 6 bend scale would be on a catastrophic level, but since this is a large device, it has a very minor effect and you can even notice it when typing on a flat surface.

The device also comes with four rounded stickers that you can stick at the back of the keyboard to act as stabiliser that will reduce the moving of the keyboard whilst typing.

Felix WriteOn-3 Felix WriteOn-2

Connecting the keyboard to a device is very easy, with the keyboard being recognised as “Bluetooth 3.0 Keyboard”, which I think could have used a better name like “Felix WriteOn” or something of that nature.

The keyboard is good for a lot of devices, including PC and Mac. It even has iOS shortcuts such as home button, brightness, and even lock, although some operations can still only be done on the device itself (e.g. selecting an app, closing an app, etc).

Some shortcuts such as copy and paste are quite redundant since you can do the same with Command+C and Command+V respectively.

Felix WriteOn-4 Felix WriteOn-5

I tested the keyboard against my iPhone 6. When the keyboard is connected, the screen keyboard is hidden, so it gives you that extra space, although sometimes it still comes out (I would assume it is a bug). You can still manually show the screen keyboard by pressing the Fn+3 (the ‘keyboard sign’ shortcut).

One drawback from this keyboard is that I can’t seem to turn it on whilst it is charging, but if you plug on the charger whilst it is on, it won’t interrupt the connection.

Felix WriteOn-6

To find out more and grab one for yourself: Felix WriteOn Bluetooth keyboard

Disclosure: Review sample was sponsored but all opinions are mine.

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