Facebook and Mozilla want to get rid of Flash for good


Lots of websites are still running Flash banners and animations on their pages. Adobe Flash was really popular back then at the end of the 90s and many cool, fully animated sites were made with it back then.

However, Flash apparently contains endless security vulnerabilities along the years, even after Adobe patched lots of bugs and holes. Apple’s Steve Jobs has obviously foreseen this long ago, which was the reason why he wouldn’t allow Flash to be run on any iOS devices because it is not safe.

Today, the heat is on. Facebook’s Chief Security Officer, Alex Stamos, called on Adobe to kill Flash for good (source: The Verge):


On the same day earlier, not long after that, I’ve seen Adobe Flash plugin being blocked by Mozilla Firefox every where I go (or at least on sites trying to load Adobe Flash, including this blog that relies on Google AdSense ads):

the age flash block

At first, I thought that I haven’t updated my Flash plug-in to the latest, but I do still get that message even after I updated mine.

It will be interesting to see what’s going to happen next or whether Adobe will make a statement in this matter.

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