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Philips 9000 Review (Philips 9000 Shaver Series) – The last high-end electric shaver from Philips I reviewed was the SensoTouch 3D back in 2010. Sure, there were newer models released recently like the StyleShaver, but they didn’t come with that cool cleaning system.

When I saw the new Series 9000, I was stoked. I could still remember the excitement of shaving with SensoTouch 3D (I was using it for a few years til I got the Philips StyleShaver and Braun Series 5 to review) and was definitely looking forward to try it out.

What makes the higher end model like the Series 9000 exciting is definitely the cleaning system (apart from the other shaving features). It was called the JetClean system back then, but Philips has upgraded and given it a new name, SmartClean.

Philips Shaver Series 9000 Packaging

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Philips 9000 Review – Design & Features

The review sample I have here is the S9111/26 model with a SmartClean PLUS (the highest model, S9711/31, comes with PRO, which has a more advanced/detailed progress display).

Design wise, Philips never disappoints me. They even make an electric toothbrush cool and hi-tech. The Series 9000 is no different, no matter which model you grab. The shaver looks modern and elegant. James Bond worthy, as always.

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After each shave, you can clean the shaver under the tap and its individual blades (optional).

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Or alternatively, simply place it on the SmartClean system to be cleaned thoroughly with Philips’ SmartClean solution. Your shaver blades will also be lubricated and dried, while your shaver body is being charged. The SmartClean system looks more minimalistic with a plastic look, but its design is a complement to the shaver body.

In a nutshell, I highly recommend to grab the model with a SmartClean included if you want to experience the Series 9000 to the fullest (and of course, if budget is not really a problem). It saves time (simply place and forget), but the SmartClean system also takes a good care of your shiny shaver.

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Cleaning and charging the shaver is as simple as placing it on the system and pressing the “Start” button. Depending on the model you have, you’ll see different indicators for the battery levels and the cleaning progress.

The shaver model I have (S911) has a decent low-medium-high battery level indicators on the shaver body compared to just having one “low battery” indicator on some other shaver models. You unfortunately can’t plug the shaver to a power point and shave (due to safety issues in a wet environment), so you do need to make sure you have enough juice to shave beforehand.

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The packaging comes with a good-quality traveling case. Setting the “travel lock” on the shaver will prevent your shaver from turning on accidentally while in the case or luggage.

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Philips 9000 Review – Shaving Experience

The shaver body is light, much lighter than the older SensoTouch 3D shaver, and it has a good grip – which makes the shaving experience even better. The rotary blades can flex in 8 different directions to shave harder-to-shave areas like the neck easier. It also comes with a few other technologies like the V-track precision blades and dual-blade system. All these work together to ensure you get a close shave faster with less strokes. Less strokes means less skin irritation and that’s a good thing.

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The blades spin really fast, which scared me a bit for the first time, but it was all good. I could really get that close shave with the Series 9000, with no stubs of hair left on the neck (which I normally had to use scissors to cut them off after). The Series 9000 also shaves very quickly and works well without (or with) a shaving gel. I’d definitely recommend applying an aftershave lotion after shaving with the Series 9000. Overall, I’m really pleased with the shaving performance. Though it’s a wet-and-dry shaver, I always prefer shaving on a dry skin.

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A precision trimmer is included to trim your side burns but the beard styler is only available on the higher Series 9000 model.

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Philips 9000 Review (Philips 9000 Shaver Series) Conclusion

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With its SmartClean system, the Series 9000 offers the best shaving experience to date. It shaves quickly, offers a close shave without leaving stubs of hair behind, and just fun to use. The SmartClean system makes it easier to charge, clean, and even lubricate your shaver so that it can be used for many months to come.

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Who says men can’t enjoy being pampered? The Philips Shaver Series 9000 makes me fall in love with electric shavers all over again. It simply is the complete package to the best shaving experience you can get today. Sure, you’ll be paying premium (A$ 349.95 for my review model at Shaver Shop) but if you are going to use it 2-3 times a week (like I do), it’s totally worth it. Also available at

Disclosure: Review sample was sponsored for the review, but all opinions are 100% mine

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