Philips Hue’s lightstrip for the PCs is now a reality!

HUE Lightstrip for PC

PC gamers rejoice! We’ve known how Philips Hue has a few lightstrip models that can be used at the back of your TV to enhance the mood and movie watching experience. But if you are playing on the PC, there is no native support in a sense. Sure, you can use other Philips Hue smart lights like these Hue Play Light Bars I’m using for my gaming PC and it’s adequate enough.

But they won’t give you the same thrilling experience as having lightstrips placed at the back of your monitor and let the lights sync to what’s happening in the scene. Thankfully, the long-awaited Philips Hue lightstrips for PC is now here (or soon, in Australia)!

The new Hue Play Gradient Lightstrip for PC is available in three sizes and supports single, double, and even triple monitor setups through a 24/27-inch lightstrip and a 32/34-inch lightstrip for single-monitor setups, and a longer strip designed for a three-monitor setup using 24/27-inch screens.

You’d need the Philips Hue Bridge (sold separately) and also the Hue Sync app installed on your PC. This means you can use the new Play Gradient Lightstrip with your existing setup and make them all work in unison – which I can’t wait to see in my setup.

Philips Hue is also teaming up with CORSAIR as you can now use CORSAIR iCUE to set scenes on any Philips Hue lights inside the same room or gaming space, synchronising everything with your CORSAIR gaming RGB peripherals – like the CORSAIR K70 PRO Mini Wireless or K70 RGB TKL keyboard, and SABRE RGB PRO Wireless mouse.

Philips Hue Play Gradient Lightstrip PC will be available from November from JB Hi-Fi. The 24/27-inch lightstrip will retail for A$299.95, the 32/34-inch lightstrip for A$339.95, and the 3 screen 24/27-inch setup for A$499.95. 

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