Top tips for creating Facebook ad design

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Note: This is a guest post written by Alex Davidson

It’s no surprise that Facebook is a top platform for digital marketing worldwide, given its 2.9 billion global users. The same large numbers that make Facebook so great can, however, result in an advertising disadvantage known as ad overload.

Users are so accustomed to seeing Facebook ads that there is a chance they will scroll right past yours. Great design is, therefore, more crucial than ever for Facebook advertisements. To catch people’s attention and convert more leads to your website, you can easily create a fantastic Facebook ad design with the help of these tips.

Define Your Target Audience

Facebook has a powerful targeting feature that allows ads to appear for very specific types of audiences; therefore, the one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work. The first yet essential step is determining the targeted audience based on their features, such as age, hobbies, geographical location, and salary. It helps create the optimal buyer persona and guides the overall design process.

Keep text to a minimum

The displayed Facebook image is a tool to grab the client’s attention; for sure, too much text will make it dull and not interesting. So, the minimum amount of text in the image is just enough to highlight the call to action or some features.

Additionally, Facebook has its own rule regarding the text in ad design, which many beginners are unaware of, the “20% rule”. The maximum percentage of text in the image ad should not exceed 20%.

Previously, Facebook would not approve ads in which 20% or more of the image contained text; now, the rules have changed, and Facebook may agree if the text is heavier. However, having that extra amount of text in the ad image will limit its reach and only show up for a low number of users.

Pro tip

With such a limited text space, keep the fonts limited to two font types; if possible, one font type is the best practice.

Pay Attention to Colors

The Facebook news feed is crowded with competing ads for the target audience’s attention span. Using texts only will not do the trick, as they usually scroll fast enough to make the text blur. Therefore, colors are one of the most attention-grabbing elements to consider. Here are some important color tips to follow:

Avoid Facebook color pallet

The Facebook visual identity uses a white and blue color palette. Using the same color tone will make the ad less appealing and sometimes blend into the Facebook layout in the news feed, losing the attention-grabbing feature. So, if it is possible, stay away from these colors.

Use Contrast

Make the ad’s impact stronger and stand out by using higher contrast. Combining dark and lighter colors will increase the contrast, highlighting the important design element.

Use your brand color pallet

Stick to the brand’s color palette to make the online visual identity consistent.

Color psychology

People are emotional, and the color is good for exploiting that feature. Depending on their demographics, each color has a different psychological effect on people; the shorter wavelength, such as purple and blue, has more impact on the older generation. In contrast, bright and vibrant colors, like red and orange, will catch the attention of the youth.

Pro tip

Don’t use all rainbow colors! Three colors are more than enough, and simple colors will do a great job. For beginners choosing a color pallet or matching colors can be difficult. Online tools can benefit them by providing a fully customizable Facebook ad template with predefined colors to facilitate the design process.

Brand associations

Brand visual identity must be allied throughout all the business online platforms to achieve consistency and embrace the brand identity. Facebook ads are one of the ways to show the business brand and increase brand awareness, so it has to have the same brand tone and blend within the brand’s visual identity. Therefore, make sure to add all the branding basics to the ad:

  1. Logo
  2. Color scheme
  3. Branded fonts and typography
  4. Key products or services
  5. Mascots or spokespeople

Use Relevant, High-Quality Images

Creating high-quality images for Facebook ads is essential in making a great impression and attracting clients. The last thing you want is to weaken that impression with low-quality clipart or images; therefore, ensure to get relevant and high-quality images.

Fortunately, there are many sources to get high-quality photos and illustrations. But the rule of thumb is to check the image usage license and its availability for commercial use to avoid copywriting violations and ad restrictions.

Test different ads

Testing is the only way to evaluate the ad design effectiveness, and Facebook can help with that. The best practice is to design different images for ads and run a test to see how clients react to each one. Depending on the results, adjust the design process, considering the important notes generated from the trial to set up a general guideline for the design.


Facebook ads are one of the most powerful marketing tools. Instead of wasting valuable time testing various ads, follow the above tips to design a professional ad image and get your ads online as soon as possible.

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