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Preserver series case

I always want to be able to take pictures in wet conditions, such as in the middle of the rain or even at the beach whilst swimming underwater. However, since I have an iPhone I do not bring any digital camera with me any longer, and it has always been my wish for my iPhone to be waterproof so that I can capture things in water without having to worry about it ruining my phone.

Luckily, OtterBox now has a waterproof case as a solution to my problem. It is called OtterBox Preserver Series.


First Impression

As expected, the case has a bulk dimension on it, with almost twice the thickness of your iPhone 5 and adds just a little bit more over 1cm to the height and width of the phone. However, I am actually impressed with this measurement as it still manages to look and feel quite normal.

The case is made up of a front cover and a back. The front cover has a plastic-like layer over the screen area which is thick enough to protect your iPhone 5 against the water whilst at the same time thin enough to allow interactions on the screen using your fingers or a touch pen.


The front cover gives you access to the front-facing camera and the speakers, both the one next to the camera and those at the bottom. The front cover also caters for all the physical buttons on your iPhone: the Home button at the front, the Screen on/off button at the top, and the Ringer switch button and the volume up/down button at the left side.



The back cover has the back camera and flash area covered by the same plastic-like material. On the inside, the back cover has the sponge-feel material to


Securing your iPhone 5 into the case is quite easy: insert your phone into the front cover, and then push the back cover against the front cover, applying pressure to the areas that lock.

To take off the cover, you need a thin coin (such as a 5 cent coin) which you insert and twist between the front cover and the back cover to make them go apart.

Both the securing and the taking off of the case might feel like a rough experience, and does require a reasonable amount of force that I am afraid might sooner or later take its tool on the case itself. The using of the coin to open the case is also quite a forceful experience and leaves marks on the case.

Accessing the physical buttons from the case also require more pressure, especially the ringer switch, which I find it quite a struggle.

As expected, you cannot charge the phone whilst using the case.

Cleaning might be a little more difficult as you need to be quite delicate as to make sure that all the soft parts are not broken or torn (talking about the sponge area inside the back cover).

Otterbox waterproof case

Beneath the Waters

To put this case to the test, I took my phone to a beach and record a video of the waves crashing the phone.

It might not be the a crystal clear video, but as you can see, the case took quite a lot of water beatings, yet it managed to survive this condition without fail.

I was initially concerned about the sand getting into the nooks and, but since the case was waterproof, you can easily wash it with water. I also realised that the lanyard provided was perhaps the only thing that can keep your phone from being washed away from a large current!

OtterBox Preserver Series is an affordable waterproof accessory for your iPhone 5 / 5s. It is definitely a must-have for when you want to record your memorable summer moments without the worry about destroying your phone.

Disclosure: OtterBox Preserver Series review sample was sponsored for the review. All opinions are 100% mine

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