JOURNEY NEXA Laptop Sleeve Review

JOURNEY is a relatively new company that is based in California, USA. They specialise in creating productivity-based products. JOURNEY NEXA laptop sleeve is one of their latest innovations. Today we’re going to review the JOURNEY NEXA laptop sleeve with wireless charging (13-14 inch model). 


  • JOURNEY NEXA is an all-in-one laptop sleeve, portable mouse pad/desk-mat, and a dual wireless charger (for smartphone and earbuds)
  • JOURNEY NEXA laptop sleeve’s exterior can be used either as a smooth and roomy mouse pad surface or a portable desk mat.
  • Easy magnetic closure for easy storage and retrieval
  • Elegant vegan leather exterior and soft-quilted interior for maximum protection
  • Powered by universal USB-C port

What’s in the box?

  • 1 x JOURNEY NEXA Wireless Charging Sleeve
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x USB-C Cable

How much is it?

It retails for AUD 129.95. Whenever I travel, I’ve always had to carry multiple items just for my gadgets, such as a charger, a mousepad, and a sleeve for my laptop. This is precisely where the JOURNEY NEXA innovation kicks in.

How is it?

The JOURNEY NEXA laptop sleeve is a 4-in-1 laptop sleeve that can:

– Charge your devices
– Protect your laptop
– Double as your mouse pad
– Double as your desk pad

Please note that this JOURNEY NEXA laptop sleeve does not have a built-in battery. It can be powered either by a USB-C wall charger, power bank, or a suitable USB-C port on the laptop itself.

I’ve tested this sleeve with my DELL XPS 13 and Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Plus, both of which are 13 inches in size. Although the Surface is slightly thinner and lighter, both devices fit perfectly into the sleeve.

I fully appreciate the merit of this JOURNEY NEXA laptop sleeve, as it addresses a perennial problem for laptop owners. Whenever I am outside and need to bring my laptop, I am always searching for a smooth surface that acts as a mousepad.

With this JOURNEY NEXA sleeve, not only does it protect my laptop, but it also serves as a wireless charging pad for my phone and a convenient mousepad. In fact, with this sleeve, there’s no need to carry a laptop bag anymore. However, you’ll still need to store your laptop charger somewhere. Otherwise, when your laptop is fully charged, this JOURNEY NEXA sleeve will be perfect on-the-go.

How’s the build quality?

The JOURNEY NEXA Laptop Sleeve is well-built. Both the leather and the canvas finish are elegantly crafted, giving it a luxurious feel. It certainly surpasses my Surface Pro sleeve in terms of style and usability. I believe this JOURNEY NEXA sleeve will last for a long time.


  • Charging input: USB-C DC 12V/2.5A
  • Charging output: Wireless charger for phones (MagSafe compatible)- 15W(Max) 
  • Wireless Charging for Earbuds/AirPods/Pro – 5W (Max)
  • Material: Vegan leather
  • Dimension: 260mm (W) x 340mm (L) x 25mm (D)
  • Weight: 0.289 kg

Should you get one?

Yes, absolutely. I would wholeheartedly recommend this sleeve, especially if you frequently carry a laptop and are often on-the-go. The JOURNEY NEXA laptop sleeve helps reduce the number of items you need to carry, which is essential for saving weight during travels.

It is available in two sizes (13-14 inch and 15-16 inch) and two colors (black and grey). You can purchase one from the JOURNEY website for $129.95 AUD, and there’s a 20% discount available at the time of writing with the code “SAVE20“.

Disclosure: JOURNEY NEXA review sample was supplied for reviewing

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