Slim and minimal cases for the slimmer iPhone 15 Pro

Loving that slimmer and lighter Titanium feel on your new iPhone 15 Pro? While it’s tempted to protect it with a case, you don’t want a big, bulky, and heavy case to ruin your experience. I really like cases from Totallee because they are slim and minimal, just enough to protect accidents here and there but feel like they are part of the iPhone body themselves.

I’ve reviewed many of their cases in the past and while they are basically the same cases being redesigned to fit different phones and new iPhones, they are really nice.

There are basically two kinds of cases they are selling: the Clear Grip Case and Super Thin Case.

The Clear iPhone 15 Pro Grip Case features an ultra-thin design (0.04″), extra grip with anti-slip material, shock-absorbing drop protection, no branding or logos, and a raised lip around the camera to protect it​.

Meanwhile, the Super Thin Case features an ultra-thin design (0.02″), is nearly weightless (2.83 grams), and also has a raised lip around the camera for added protection. It supports MagSafe wireless charging, guarantees a perfect fit, and has no branding or logos to maintain a sleek, minimalist look.

The cases are designed for everyday protection against bumps, scratches, and minor drops. Sure, you can’t compare this to heavy-duty protective cases from OtterBox but if you are a careful iPhone owner that rarely drops your iPhone, the Super Thin Case should give enough protection.

The Super Thin Case is made from polypropylene, which is a hard yet flexible plastic, adding extra grip without bulk, and is compatible with wireless charging including MagSafe.

I’ve had many praises from friends when they saw my iPhone covered with these cases and many didn’t even realise that I actually have a case on the phone (unless if I use the colour ones). This is because these cases match the iPhone body dimensions and feel perfectly. And if you care about aesthetics and efficiency (due to the slimness), you’re going to love these cases from Totallee on your iPhone 15 Pro.

I’ve also used Totallee Screen Protector in the past and I did have a few occasions where I dropped my iPhone accidentally as I was exiting from the car. The screen protector took the brunt of the force (the iPhone went to asphalt road) but the iPhone screen remains intact.

The screen protector covers edge to edge and while it doesn’t come with a tray application, it’s actually pretty easy to apply (I’ve done a few of these in the past).

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