Withings Redefines Home Health Monitoring with new Body Smart and Body Comp Scales

Withings, a forerunner in the digital health revolution, is launching its latest innovative scales in Australia: the Body Smart and Body Comp. These scales deliver unmatched value with precise weight metrics, in-depth body composition insights, and health measurements usually seen in clinical settings.

Built on Withings Precision Technology’s three pillars, these scales offer the advanced Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) for utmost accuracy, consistent weight readings, and unparalleled health insights. These include the tracking of vital health markers and assessments of health conditions.

The Body Smart scales can measure visceral fat, which is linked to chronic diseases and cardiovascular risks. It also monitors standing heart rates and provides a new feature: the Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) measure. BMR helps users understand their metabolic health and thereby make informed decisions on diet and exercise. The scale’s colour screen displays crucial information, and for those who want discretion, there’s the Eyes Closed Mode that offers motivational messages instead of numerical weight.

For more details, check out Withings Body Smart.

The Ultimate Body Assessment Tool Body Comp with its novel sensors and patented electronics, the Body Comp offers a comprehensive health assessment. It measures weight, muscle and fat mass, water percentage, bone mass, BMI, and uniquely, visceral fat. It also provides cardiovascular and nerve health assessments. The Vascular Age, developed by top cardiologists, gives users a straightforward assessment of their arterial health. The Nerve Health Score, another feature, assesses nerve activity by monitoring foot sweat glands. Together, these insights equip users to gauge their risks for cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.

For more details, check out Withings Body Comp.

Availability and Pricing

Body Smart, in either black or white, is available for $199.99 AUD at JB Hi-Fi. Body Comp, featuring a colour LCD screen and only available in black, is priced at $359.99 AUD, also at JB Hi-Fi. Both scales are designed to seamlessly integrate with the Withings app, enabling users to monitor their health trends and receive personalised health advice and motivation.

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