Withings Launches ScanWatch Nova: The Ultimate Blend of Health Tech and Luxury Design

Withings scanwatch nova watch

Withings, a leader in digital health innovation and the creator of the world’s first hybrid smartwatch, introduces ScanWatch Nova. This latest addition complements the recently announced ScanWatch 2 and ScanWatch Light, further enhancing Withings’ range of next-generation smartwatches.

ScanWatch Nova masterfully combines advanced health monitoring capabilities with the elegance of a luxury diver-style watch. It features a range of sophisticated health and activity tracking functions, including on-demand ECG, SpO2 measurement, 24/7 body temperature monitoring, and comprehensive sleep analysis.

ScanWatch Nova is a testament to luxurious design and cutting-edge health technology. It boasts a water-resistant diver-inspired design with a ceramic and stainless-steel rotating bezel, sunray dial, Luminova hollow watch hands, and indicators for low-light visibility. The watch is protected by sapphire glass with an anti-reflective coating and features an OLED high-resolution grayscale screen for easy notifications.

Key Health Features of ScanWatch Nova:

  1. On-Demand Medical-grade Electrocardiogram: Detect heart anomalies such as atrial fibrillation with on-demand ECG readings, delivering results in 30 seconds through the Withings app.
  2. Illness Onset Indication: Innovative TempTech24/7 technology tracks body temperature variations to indicate potential health issues.
  3. Respiratory System Assessment: Monitor blood oxygen levels (SpO2) and breathing disturbances for comprehensive respiratory health insights.
  4. Advanced Sleep Metrics: Receive a Sleep Quality Score and delve into detailed sleep analytics to improve sleep patterns.
  5. Seamless Physical Activity Tracking: Automatic recognition of 40+ activities, along with steps, calories, and elevation tracking.
  6. Leading-edge Technology: Utilising MultiWave PPG sensors and HealthSense OS for comprehensive cardiovascular and sleep monitoring.
  7. Intuitive Withings App Connection: Customise the watch display, track health metrics, and receive personalised insights through the app.

“With ScanWatch Nova, we have created an extraordinary heart health hybrid smartwatch that is as clinically powerful as it is beautiful. By seamlessly merging luxury design with the power of health technology, peoples’ health journeys can now be as stunning as they are effective.  It brings amazing, concrete health benefits such as a medical grade ECG and aesthetic allure in one astonishing package” said Eric Carreel, Founder and President of Withings. 

Withings ScanWatch Nova Availability and Pricing

ScanWatch Nova will be available in late January 2024, priced at $799.99 AUD, and comes in blue, black, and green with interchangeable Oyster metal and FKM wristbands.

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