Moshi IonBank 3K (2016)
Review of: Moshi IonBank 3K (2016)

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On Mar 5, 2016
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Better externally, better internally

Moshi IonBank 3K Review (2016) – What I loved most about Moshi’s portable charger (check out Craving Tech’s review on the IonBank 5K 2013 model) is that it includes a built-in Lightning cable + USB to charge it, packaged neatly inside the unit. It’s not messy, and it eliminates having to carry extra cables with you.

Though I still like how it looked back then, the new redesigned Moshi IonBanks look even better. Moshi IonBank 3K, that we are going to look at today, is now covered with soft vegan leather with more stylish look. The new model definitely is more pleasing to the eye  (compared to the 2013 model) and brings more astonishment to those who see it for the first time.

Moshi IonBank 3K 2016-2

It weighs around 100 grams with a dimension of 8.6 x 5.1 x 1.1 cm, making the IonBank 3K fairly compact and easy to carry inside your pocket. It looks like a small coin or key pouch, but of course looks can be deceiving.

Open the new vegan leather cover up and you’ll notice 2 sets of cables stored neatly within: a USB cable, and Apple’s Lightning. They are stacked on top of another but Moshi has designed it nicely so that they are not a mess, and can be tucked in firmly inside.

Moshi IonBank 3K 2016-5 Moshi IonBank 3K 2016-6

The cables have good length in them so you should be able to charge your iOS devices with ease. It’s also MFi certified, which means you’ll get no warnings and no problems charging your iPhone with the Moshi IonBank 3K. It houses a 3,200 mAh battery within and with that, you can charge your iPhone 6s (1,715 mAh) from 0 to a full charge, and a bit more if needed.

Moshi IonBank 3K 2016-7

It’s good enough for most people, but of course if you need more juice to top up, Moshi has a 5K or even 10K option as well. They also get a major facelift like the new 3K.

The IonBank 3K outputs 2.1 amps which means it will charge your iPhone real fast (it’s like plugging the iPad power charger, which we know will charge the iPhone faster than the iPhone charger). The Lightning cable is slim-designed to fit through most iPhone cases if you use one.

What else is new in the 2016 model? The Moshi IonBank can now sync + charge both your iPhone and the IonBank at the same time. A real plus.

Press the button on the IonBank to check for the battery status (Green, Amber, and Red).

Moshi IonBank 3K 2016-8

Moshi IonBank 3K Review (2016) Conclusion

Moshi IonBank 3K 2016-9

Portable chargers don’t have to be bulky, boring, and messy. The new, redesigned Moshi IonBank portable chargers are stylish, neatly designed, and useful. Place it on a desk, and put the other plastic-y cheap chargers to shame!

With SmartSense circuitry that charges your iOS device and the IonBank at the same time (while prioritising your device first), 2.1A fast charging, and a touch of vegan leather with aluminium accents, the Moshi IonBank has now become my most loved portable charger!

Disclosure: Review sample was supplied for reviewing but all opinions are mine

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