Make AWStats public for advertisers

make awstats public

There are times when you talk to advertisers telling them how great your website or your blog is and then they are asking you for a proof. It’s a valid request especially if you are claiming a good amount of traffic per day or a demographic area of your visitors. AWStats is a good traffic statistic and it normally comes by default when you are in a shared web host account. Unfortunately, you can’t see the stat unless if you are logged in to your cPanel account.

There is a simple hack though to make awstats available to public through a simple PHP script.

The script to make AWStats public can be accessed on

You simply have to create a PHP file (or just save the one from the, change a few lines on the script and then upload the script anywhere on your site:

$user = 'yourUsername';//your cpanel username
$pass = 'yourPassword';//your cpanel password
$domain = '';//do not include 'http://' or 'www.'

$config_domain = '';

I also changed the dynamic_images variable to true.

$dynamic_images = true;

There doesn’t seem to be a way to limit what information can be hidden or displayed so you are going to give the advertisers the full stats. Whether this is a good or bad thing, I let you decide.

There are also some arguments whether AWStats gives a more accurate visitors statistics or Google Analytics’ but I’m not gonna discuss it here. Feel free to discuss it on the comments, though.

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