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LUXA2 PH3 & PH1 iPhone case review


If you are one of the types who often watch movies or YouTube videos on the iPhone 4, the LUXA2 PH3 iPhone 4 case is a must for you. Its main feature is the metallic plate that makes your iPhone 4 the ultimate compact video player on the planet. The pop-out metallic plate transforms the case into an iPhone 4 stand so you will have a better angle of viewing without the need of holding the phone.

The other case, LUXA2 PH1 is more like it’s plain-simple-it-just-works kind of case. Its 1 mm thickness feels soft, sturdy, and adds an extra grip on the iPhone 4.

LUXA2 PH3 iPhone Case Review

At the time this post was written, there are 3 different PH3 colors that you can choose from: Black, White, and Pink (the sample I got was the White version):

LUXA2 PH3 Review - colors

The LUXA2 PH3 looks pretty classy and the metallic plate stand definitely makes it a unique case to look at:


The case will not add bulkiness to your iPhone 4 as it’s quite slim and lightweight. There is no extra padding but the case itself is quite sturdy. The iPhone 4 fits well into the case, although I must say, fits too well. It took me quite an effort to take it out of the case, unlike the LUXA2 PH1 which I’ll cover at the bottom of this post. With this in mind, it’s best not to take your iPhone 4 in and out of the LUXA2 PH3 too often. This extremely tight design however, gives you a peace of mind that the case would never fall off the iPhone 4 no matter how you hold it.

The pop-out metallic stand is quite sturdy too. When not used, it’ll act as an extra touch, giving it a stand out look from other plain cases. When you pop it out however, it’ll magically transform the PH3 case into a nice, portable iPhone 4 stand:


Sometimes you might want to watch videos on your iPhone 4 hands-free when you are in the toilet or perhaps when you want to practice some dance moves. You can simply put your iPhone 4 on a table to watch, leaving your hands free to do something else. This way, you can easily transform your iPhone 4 into a recipe e-Book too. With its metallic stand, you can comfortably cook while keeping an eye on that recipe application on your iPhone 4.

The cut-outs are good too, leaving the ports and jacks well exposed.


IMG_5446Personally, I don’t really like the cut-out design on the left side though. It somehow makes the case look out of shape (where the volume controls are).

Overall, the LUXA2 PH3 is a slim and handy case to have for your new iPhone 4, especially if you love to read or watch movies on it.

LUXA2 PH1 iPhone 4 Case Review

A similarly material design, the LUXA2 PH1 offers a simpler approach. It’s a simple plain case without any extra features, but it should be one of the iPhone 4 cases on your wish list. iPhone 4 owners who are looking for a slim (only 1 mm) and plainly good looking case should check the PH1 out.


Because of its thickness, this is one of the slimmest iPhone 4 cases around. The choice of colors also gives your iPhone 4 an extra elegant look.

LUXA2 PH1 Review colors

Previously, I’ve been using the official Apple’s white bumper case but at the moment, I’ve replaced it with the LUXA2 PH1 Black. I find it quite menacing to look and the slim design also fits my style. The LUXA2 PH1 also covers the back of the phone so I never get worried anymore whenever I want to place my iPhone 4 down on a restaurant table.


I also love the cut-outs because some cases have small cut-outs and often require a finger nail to operate some of the buttons. With the PH1, you don’t have that problem as the cut-outs are sufficiently large.


IMG_5435The matte finish on the back also serves as an anti-fingerprint magnet so you’ll spend less time cleaning your phone.

The LUXA2 PH1 is an all-around case that is simple, thin, but a really nice case to have. If you are looking for a slim iPhone 4 case that just works, PH1 is definitely a good choice and recommended.

Note: Samples were provided for the review.

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