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How to login with Facebook in an app without the annoyances that come after

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Not sure how many of you have used the “Login with Facebook” feature within a mobile app, allowing you to use your Facebook profile for the app’s account (rather than having to sign up/register). It is the quickest way to register yourself and use the app straight away. The worst part comes after, however, because you are allowing the app to access your Facebook profile and friends.

Or worse, you let the app actually post spam on your Facebook feed automatically, without you realising it at times (like the Battle Camp app, which drove me nuts)

With the later part, I always changed the Privacy of the app to ensure that when the app posts something, only you yourself can see it. This will reduce the spam made by the app, because your friends won’t be able to see the posts, even if the app is posting things like crazy on your news feed.

There is a better way this time. Facebook announced a new “Anonymous login” (or “Log in Anonymously”) so you can use the Facebook login feature to use the app, with privacy. It’s like a “trial” login to use the app, before you trust the app to access your information and friends (to further use the app more effectively).

The feature will be rolled out in the following weeks.

Source: Facebook Newsroom

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