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Jawbone ERA delivers world’s first Bluetooth headset with HD audio and motion control


Jawbone ERA

A Bluetooth headset with an HD audio technology? Motion sensor? What and how would these features work on a Bluetooth headset? Well, stay a while and listen. The HD audio technology in Jawbone ERA simply means you will get the perfect and rich audio listening experience (for listening to songs, watching movies, and also for phone calls so you can hear the voice of your loved ones as if he/she is standing next to you).

Of course, every company claims that their headset delivers the best audio experience, so it’d be great to find out how the HD audio technology really works. According to Jawbone’s press release, the Jawbone ERA boasts a 25% larger wideband speaker to bring an HD audio experience. I’m not an audio expert so I’m not really sure how difference does it make.

The Jawbone ERA also has the NoiseAssassin 3.0 technology which is a military grade noise cancelling technology (originally developed for tank commanders and helicopter pilots!). As crazy as this sounds, it looks like you will never get a complain from the other end even if you are making calls in a night club or superbly-windy outdoor environment.

Jawbone ERA motion control

Jawbone ERA is also the first Bluetooth headset with a built-in accelerometer. How would this work? Basically using motion, you can make the Jawbone ERA to pair (by shaking it around), answer, make, or end a phone call. These motions can later be updated as Jawbone develops new motion applications. Not crucial but cool nevertheless!

Jawbone ERA is available in different colors and available now for around AUD 149.

Jawbone ERA silver



  1. Curious! I’d like to see what they come up with for the motion sensor. Gotta say, personally the noise cancelling will come in handy for everyone…Usually bluetooths aren’t the best with noise cancellation. Cool article!

  2. Wow. I particularly like the military-grade noise-cancelling technology and better audio. I’m hard of hearing (and getting worse, lol) so it gets hard sometimes to keep asking people to repeat themselves. Phone conversations sometimes go completely unheard and I give up trying to understand.


    • Really? Ouch :( I hope it’s nothing serious? (or just a symptom of getting old?)

      Might want to grab an in-ear model whenever you want to purchase something like this, I guess. It helps isolating the surrounding’s noise

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