Belkin Conserve Socket Review

Belkin Conserve Socket Review

Turning the iron off is an easy thing to do but there were probably moments in life when you forgot to. Some had little accidents (such as ruining the iron board – my personal experience in the past) and some had worse like a fire accident. Belkin Conserve Socket helps to prevent things like these by letting you set a timer on the power socket.

Belkin Conserve Socket can also be used to save power and money by using zero standby power when your device is not being used (some electronic devices still suck a bit of power even when they are not used yet plugged).

The Belkin Conserve Socket itself is quite big which occupies a bit of space on the power board or socket on the wall. You can still plug another plug next to it , although it requires a little bit of fiddling and pushing.

Belkin Conserve Socket Review - plug design

It has three time interval settings: 1/2 hour, 3 hours, or 6 hours. The idea is that you set one of these time interval settings and when you press the button on the top, power starts to go through the socket for that period amount of time. Once the set time has passed, the socket will shut off any power going through it.

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As such, the Belkin Conserve Socket has multiple benefits:

  • Back to my ironing example, you can now make sure that you will never forget turning your iron off again as the Conserve Socket will do it for you automatically when you forget.
  • You can use the socket on devices that you are not going to use for the whole day, such as a toaster. You’d normally leave the toaster plugged to the wall socket but you might use it only a few times during breakfast. The toaster you have might still use power throughout the day which is wasting power and your money, even if not much.
  • When you recharge your phone, you can plug the charger to the Belkin Conserve Socket so it will stop drawing power after your phone has fully been charged.
  • You can now go to bed with your heater on during winter, knowing that it will automatically be turned off in 3 hours.
  • When kids promised you to play their console only for 3 hours, you don’t have to keep looking at your watch to keep track at the time. Simply set the Conserve Socket to 3 hours and no matter what happens, the console will go off in exactly 3 hours :) Kids will love you (err okay, I guess not).

The cost savings may be minimal and it may take months before you can break even (for buying the Conserve Socket). But in the long run, it’s for the better (especially if you consider that ironing scenario). Belkin Conserve Socket is definitely recommended when you need to have a timer on one of your wall socket or when you truly care about the environment.

Note: Sample provided for the review

Belkin Conserve Socket Pros

+ Helps to prevent accidents
+ Helps to save power and money
+ Solid build
+ Easy and practical

Belkin Conserve Socket Cons

– Cannot customize the time intervals
– May take a while before you see the ROI (return of investment)

Belkin Conserve Pack

The Belkin Conserve Socket is part of the Belkin Conserve Pack:

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