Australian families are adopting to digital interactivity with their kids

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Microsoft conducted a research to Australian families to find out whether modern families are embracing the digital interaction with their kids into their home. Back in the old days, I remember playing “Congkak” with my grandma and sometimes we played cards (there was no way my grandma could play Atari, one of the first consoles in the 70s, with me). It was a great experience and we had fun.

Nowadays with all these gaming consoles such as the Microsoft Kinect for Xbox 360, PlayStation, Wii, Nintendo DS, and even games on the iOS devices (such as iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch), I’ve been wondering whether the good old days have simply vanished. According to Microsoft survey, it hasn’t. It has simply evolved. I agree.

According to the research, 92% of Australian families own at least a gaming console and more than 50% agree to see the benefit of spending time together with the whole family playing video games together. In short, according to the research, 3 out of 4 moms find that active, full body gaming is a great activity to share together with the other members of the family.

I’d fully agree on this one. I’ve seen how fun it would be to play Kinect games together as a family (compared to everyone playing their own games or doing their own activities at home) – which is what I’ve been scared of If I ever have my own family in the future.  Microsoft Kinect is definitely an appealing factor to further improve these family fun activities at home and it’s definitely on one of my top lists to have when I have my own house and family.

Kimberley Francis, Xbox Marketing Director for Australia and New Zealand, wasn’t surprised with the survey results and compliments Kinect for shaping moms to be healthier (with body fitness Kinect games such as Your Shape: Fitness Evolved) and to be closer with their children by doing fun activities together as a family.

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