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I’m not too sure how good Comodo Internet Security 2011 is as I never actually used it before in my computer. From a forum thread at Neowin, I found that the Comodo Internet Security 2011 is available free for 1 year. It includes a firewall, anti spyware, a cloud based antivirus, and a few other technologies to protect your PC.

I’m also surprised that there is a $500 Virus-Free Guarantee – meaning if your PC has become infected by a virus or malware while having Comodo Internet Security 2011 installed and cannot be restored back (with the help of their technical support), they will cover the repair cost (up to $500). Pretty generous and confident offer, I should say.

Most of us who haven’t heard about Comodo Internet Security 2011 would say straight away “This and that antivirus is better!”. Maybe – but the team has put up an answer to that on their Frequently Asked Questions section. It seems that they have an extra layer called “Defense+” which is a prevention layer by inspecting files that are going to be run in our computer and compare them to some lists in the cloud (white and black files’ lists). I’m sure Comodo Internet Security Pro 2011 is not the only one which has an extra layer of protection but it’s good to know about this nevertheless.

They also have a 24/7 support whenever you have a problem and the team will support you as much as they can (probably much better than calling me and asking for help :)).

Anyway, if you are interested in giving it a try, feel free to download Comodo Internet Security Pro 2011.

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