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It Doesn’t Take a Genius: Samsung S3 Vs. iPhone 5

Note: This is a guest post written by Nancy Perkins

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5

Samsung Galaxy S3 Vs iPhone 5 – The kids gloves are off. After losing in the courtroom and being ordered to pay $1 billion to Apple, Samsung just released an ad that gives a side by side comparison with the recently released iPhone 5 with a headline “It doesn’t take a genius.”

As expected, Apple fans are quick to react and parodies of the ad has been made and circulated around the Internet as featured in this CNET article. It looks like the line has been drawn, and Samsung and Apple fans have a new war (of words) to wage.

Each fanbase have already made their conclusions so it is next to impossible to convince them otherwise. What we can do is make our own head-to-head comparisons so we can arrive at our own conclusion.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Vs iPhone 5 – Design

Apple went to great lengths to make the iPhone5 as thin as possible and the metal casing really gives it a premium feel.  The aluminum back also makes it less slippery compared to previous iPhones. The Samsung S3 on the other hand, is a full millimeter thicker than the iPhone and is wider to accommodate the 4.8 inch screen. One of the consistent criticisms against the S3, though, is its plastic like case, which kind of cheapens the look of the phone a bit.

Verdict: The iPhone gets the point here with its premium feel. It was also able to increase screen size without making it too wide for your hands. Samsung has a larger screen but it also made the phone wider making it more difficult to hold and the plastic like material makes it feel slippery.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Vs iPhone 5 – Screen

The iPhone features a 4-inch IPS with a display of 1,136×640 pixels. The Samsung S3, meanwhile, features a 4.8-inch Super AMOLED screen with a 1,280x720resolution.

Verdict: This could be considered a tie and should not really be a factor when choosing one over the other. Both offer superb visuals and choosing one over the other will just be a matter of preference.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Vs iPhone 5 – Battery

iPhone promises up to 8 hours of talk time and standby time of 225 hours, but Samsung can give you a maximum of about 11 hours talk time and up to 790 hours of standby time with its battery.

Verdict: Samsung went to great lengths at improving its battery life. Though iPhone 5 has longer life than the 4S, it did not match the S3. And with business calls using third party VoIP apps like RingCentral, battery life is indeed a factor.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Vs iPhone 5 – Camera

Both phones sport an 8MP Camera with LED Flash. Feature wise, Samsung probably has the edge with touch focus and 1080 video capture. What the iPhone has going for it is the great panoramic mode that allows you to create and image with a simple tap and pan.

Verdict: Might have to call it a tie again, the iPhone may give slightly better pictures but the S3 gives you more options

Samsung Galaxy S3 Vs iPhone 5 – Performance

The iPhone is sporting the new A6 processor and is twice as fast the 4S or at least near that speed.  The S3, however, has the most impressive processor in the Exynos 4412 chip. It is a quad-core processor that runs at ridiculously fast 1.4GHz.

Verdict: The Samsung S3 is probably the fastest phone in the market today so any phone will be hard-pressed to beat it performance wise. Nevertheless, the iPhone did a remarkable job in competing and the simplicity of the iOS makes up for it. In the end, though, the S3 gets the vote by sheer power.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Vs iPhone 5 – Overall Verdict

There are other factors that can be considered such as other features and the accessories that come with each phone, but from the categories considered above, The Samsung Galaxy S3 is the better phone of the two.

But the argument that it is so much better than the iPhone is untrue. The iPhone is a superb phone and Apple fans will be happy with it. But as with the iPhone 4S, by pinching on some features (LTE anyone?), it failed to catch up with their competition.


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