Hearthstone TITANS new cards worth mentioning and impressions

The latest’s Hearthstone expansion went live less than a week ago, bringing a new set of 145 cards with 11 new Legendary Titan minions – each imbued with three unique powers that you can trigger and unleash to bring the battle into your favour. The latest expansion also offers the new keyword Forge and bringing back the keyword Magnetic, for those who love magnetising (or combining) one minion with another on the board.

But the biggest one yet is definitely the Legendary Titan minions and as the name suggests, when you unleash your Titan on the board, it can turn the tide of the battle quickly and more often than not, holds the key to victory.

Thanks to Blizzard, I was gifted the TITANS Mega Bundle that contains 80 TITANS card packs, 5 Golden TITANS card packs, 1 Diamond Zilliax card, 1 random TITANS Signature Legendary card, 1 Random TITANS Golden Legendary card, and 1 Full Hero Skin (Inge, the Iron Hymn). The Mega Bundle is definitely worth a purchase for you to start with and recreating your decks to take advantage of the new expansion cards and synnergies.

Here are all the nice Legendary cards I got from opening the packs:

You’ll also get Ignis, the Eternal Flame as your first, uncraftable Legendary reward.

Hunters would love Son of Hodir which can transform three cheap, beast minions’ stats to 8/8. For Dragon-deck lovers, you’d want to add these new Thorignir Drake and Time-Lost Protodrake cards into your Dragon-focused deck.

The Warrior class is getting buffed for stacking armour and it’s not just used for Defense anymore, thanks to cards like Odyn, Prime Designate Legendary minion. Other cards worth mentioning to boost and utilise your armour are: Minotauren, Craftsman’s Hammer, Stoneskin Armorer, and Smelt.

Plagues are pretty powerful for the Death Knight and I’ve lost a few games due to this. Just beware of an easy counter card to remove all cards that didn’tstart in the opponent’s deck.

Cards worth mentioning

Cards like Watcher of the Sun (which gives you a random Holy spell and can be forged to restore 6 health to your hero) means you can have access to a healing spell even when your Hero class normally does not give you access to one. Similarly, there are other cards like Runefueled Golem that gives you a weapon from any Hero class, and Kaja’mite Creation to spells.

Imposing Anubisath is a 7/7 Taunt minion with the cost of just 4 mana. Sure, it can’t attack but a cheap cost card to stall the game. I use it in my new Warlock deck that focuses on big minions for the late game.

The expansion also seems to be mech-heavy focused with new, good cards like Tram Operator, Containment Unit, Inventor’s Aura, Invent-o-matic, Lab Constructor, X-21 Repairbot, XB-488 Disposalbot, Noble Minibot, and Mechagnome Guide.

False Disciple allows a Priest player to discover a Legendary Priest minion from the past and we all know how powerful this can be.

Overall, the new expansions offer a variety of cards that can be used on all kinds of different decks and playstyle. This is also one of the expansions where my main deck is no longer the Mage and it’s definitely a fresh change for me. With pretty well-balanced, powerful cards for many of the Hero classes in Hearthstone, players are free to experiment with the other Hero class and use a different playstyle. This keeps Hearthstone fresh with great dynamics.

The new TITANS minions are pretty powerful, as they suggest, and can shift the battle into your (or the enemy’s!) favour. They are awesome when they are played as they bring a really big threat on the board, plus have great abilities and art design to complement.

To find out more about the new Hearthstone’s TITANS expansion, visit the official page.

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