Introducing Exciting Changes to Overwatch 2: Season 10 and Beyond

Overwatch 2 Battle Pass Grind

The upcoming Overwatch 2: Season 10 proves to be as exciting as ever as we’ve just stumbled upon the latest Developer Update from Overwatch 2 team. There are many exciting changes and updates that you’ll love if you play Overwatch 2 frequently and it’s great to be able to see that the team has listened to the players’ feedback as well.

So what’s the updates announcement in summary?

Unlocking the Heroes

Starting with Season 10, all heroes, including new releases and existing favorites, will be readily accessible to players. You’d normally have to unlock heroes through the Battle Pass (unless you get the Battle Pass Premium) but now, every hero is playable across all game modes. New players will still have to undergo the initial user experience to gradually unlock heroes to make sure you at least know what the hero kits are. Additionally, once the original Overwatch roster is unlocked, all Overwatch 2 heroes will be available for play.

Mythic Skin

There will be a new shop called Mythic Shop starting in Season 10. This changes how you earn, upgrade, and unlock Mythic hero skins. This new feature empowers players to tailor their progression towards coveted skins. Whether focusing on specific skin variations or exploring a broader range, the Mythic Shop offers flexibility and choice. Past Mythic hero skins will also join the roster, with availability beginning two seasons after their debut so don’t worry about not having the time to unlock the older Mythic skins from the previous seasons.

Challenges and Coins

Season 10 brings a smoother coin-earning experience, as coins become a more consistent reward throughout both the Free and Premium tracks of the Battle Pass. You will have increased coin rewards and more flexible weekly challenges, now rewarding Battle Pass XP to enhance your progression.

Refreshing Gameplay

Beyond hero updates and customization, Overwatch 2 continues to evolve its core gameplay mechanics. Season 9 saw significant changes to Competitive and gameplay dynamics, with a commitment to regular updates to maintain a vibrant gaming experience. Expect refreshed systems, meta shifts, rank resets, and exciting new rewards to keep gameplay fresh and engaging.

Exploring New Maps

There will be new maps coming sooner than you think. Season 10 introduces the Clash mode trial on the Hanaoka map, promising intense action and strategic gameplay. Season 11 unveils the captivating Push map, Runasapi, set amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Peru. In addition to new maps, existing favorites like Colosseo receive significant updates based on player feedback. We’ll have to wait and see how this update goes.

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