Hearthstone’s latest Whizbang’s Workshop Expansion brings new 145 cards, a new keyword, and more!

A big Hearthstone by Blizzard expansion has just arrived! Whizbang’s Workshop is the first expansion in the new Year of the Pegasus which means some of your cards may not be valid anymore (if you are playing Standard). This change of shift is good for the game as it requires you to keep updating your deck with fresh, new cards. While you may lose your favourite cards, this always brings fresh change into the table.

The latest expansion introduces 145 brand new cards along with the new keyword: Miniaturize. You’ll find plenty of throwbacks to iconic characters in the new cards as well.

From what I observe about the new cards, it looks like Warrior Mechs get some love with new Mech cards and spells that take advantage of having a Mech deck such as Boom Wrench. However, I’ve been having fun with the Armour Warrior deck and there are new cards that still support this deck. For example, cards like Lab Patron, Safety Goggles.

If you are playing Mage decks with no minions, you’ll also get new cards like Yogg in the Box, Frost Lich Cross-Stitch, and Spot the Difference.

You can earn the new cards using the in-game coins by completing daily quests. These are all the Legendary cards I got from the Mega Bundle when I opened them:

New Keyword: Miniaturize

Miniaturize is a new keyword where you’ll get a 1-cost 1/1 copy of the card into your hand. This is great for Deathrattle cards like the Amateur Puppeteer that gives Undead in your hand +2/+2. Factory Assemblybot will summon a 6/7 Bot at the end of your turn so if you play the miniaturised version, you basically can get two 6/7 minions in one turn.

Sleet Skater is a great card for the Mage class as it allows you to gain armour twice – a great value for Mage classes who normally doesn’t have health restoration spells or armour gains.

Those who like to buff minions will be delighted with Nesting Golem (Neutral) as you can basically keep having board control even when it dies. Forgotten Animatronic auto destroys a minion which has lesser Attack so it’s an auto-remove minion if you have it buffed.

Other cards worth mentioning

Crafter’s Aura randomly summons a 6-Cost minion for 3 turns, a pretty good value. Triplewick Trickster deals 2 damage to a random enemy, repeated 3 times – a great board clear or at least, direct damage to the enemy’s hero. Origami Dragon will swap its 1/1 stats to any minion of your choice, plus it also has Divine Shield and Lifesteal, wow. There’s also a similar card called Origami Crane that only does health swap but costs lesser. Incredible Value is a card with… incredible value. The card costs 3 Mana and allows you to discover a 4-cost minion with 7/7 stats the next turn. An incredible value indeed.

These are just some cards I’ve found while I opened the packs but there are over 100 new cards in this latest expansion so you’ll surely stumble into more.

If you haven’t played for a while, this might be a good time to get back!

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