Backbone Unveils Next-Generation Product Series for your Ultimate Mobile Gaming Experience

Backbone announces the completion of their second-generation product lineup, unveiling two cutting-edge offerings: the Backbone One – Lightning (2nd Gen) and Backbone One – PlayStation Edition – Lightning (2nd Gen) controllers. With these latest advancements in hardware and performance, Backbone empowers players to improve their gaming experience, enjoying titles like the newly revealed Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile, expanded Remote Play capabilities, and enhanced game streaming via services such as Xbox Game Pass and GeForce Now.

And with many games coming to the Xbox Game Pass constantly where you can play with your mobile phones, Backbone One would be a great addition to your mobile gaming experience so you can play all kinds of games while commuting or anywhere else in the world even at home.

The second-generation products from Backbone introduce a variety of enhancements aimed at delivering superior, swifter, and prolonged gaming sessions. Key improvements encompass the inclusion of new magnetic adapters to accommodate various popular phone cases, refined ergonomic design for heightened comfort, enhanced phone stability for uninterrupted gameplay, redesigned D-Pad for improved control, and more. Additionally, Backbone+ members are entitled to a generous 30% discount when upgrading to a 2nd-gen controller, without the need for a trade-in.

If you haven’t, make sure to read our reviews on the Backbone One and Backbone One PlayStation Edition.

Check out the latest Backbone Collection here. The Backbone One – Lightning (2nd Gen) and Backbone One – PlayStation Edition – Lightning (2nd Gen) mobile gaming controllers are now available in Australia via Backbone’s website or Amazon (coming soon to physical retailers) for an RRP of AUD$179.

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