Overwatch 2 Season 10 Delivers The Best State of the Game

Overwatch 2 Season 10 is now here, folks. And as promised, Venture, the new damage hero is now available for you to play. Unlike the previous seasons where the new hero was locked until you did certain things (or bought the Premium Battle Pass), this time, anyone can immediately play Venture on the get go. This was already delivered through the Overwatch 2 Developers Update some time ago which have definitely made many players really happy.

Apart from being able to play new heroes immediately onwards, Overwatch 2 also overhauls the Mythic skins unlock mechanism.

Previously, a hero’s Mythic skin of that season is locked at the last Battle Pass Premium tier. You will then get all the customisations along with the Mythic skin. If you suddenly have a busy life within a season however, there is a chance that you can’t play frequently enough to unlock the Mythic skin of that season. Starting this season however, players will earn Mythic Prisms in the Premium Battle Pass (or purchased from the store) and these prisms can then be used to unlock any Mythic skins from any season. You’ll also spend them on specific customisations of that Mythic skin.

This is great because if your favourite hero has their Mythic skin this season but you have to go overseas for work (or someone close to you passes away), you’ll still be able to unlock your favourite hero’s Mythic skin in the future using the Mythic Prisms.

And oh, I know we’ve all been complaining that earning coins is so hard so there is now a new, fresh change. Instead of earning Overwatch Coins through weekly challenges, you can now earn up to 600 free Overwatch Coins as you climb free tiers within the Battle Pass. It’s definitely good enough to save for that awesome skin from the shops you’ve been eyeing for your favourite heroes.

Another big changes that my friends and I had been waiting from day one of the original Overwatch is being able to group up together for the Competitive. Sure, we’ve always been able to group up before but only if your ranks are not too far apart. In the past, there were certain close friends that I couldn’t play with because I was a Diamond player and they were in the lower ranks (I think it was Silver). And at times, someone has to get a secondary account so we can play together. Guess what, this pain is now over and you can group together no matter what rank everyone is on.

Sure, there are caveats to this. The matchmaking system will still try to create a desirable, fair match so it will try to match you with other similar groups – this will make the queue time longer than usual. Solo queuers are safe because they won’t be thrown into playing in groups like these.

Apart from these new changes offering better gameplay experience in Overwatch 2, there are those regular seasonal updates like cosmetics and game modes. For example, there is the limited-time event, Mirrowatch (with bunch of cool cosmetics), and also a trial for the upcoming, new Game Mode: Clash until 30th of April. It’s an exciting new experience in a new map (or reimagined Hanamura map) available in Arcade. It’s very fast-paced and this will make a debut most likely in Season 11.

The game feels very well-balanced at the moment though whenever I queued for all roles, I most likely got into the Tank role. So I suspect there might be changes in the future that makes everyone wants to play Tanks again.

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