Reportedly, The iPhone 17 Plus will Have a Smaller Screen than the iPhone 15 Plus

While Apple maintains strict secrecy about the upcoming iPhone 16 series, a recent leak points to plans for its iPhone 17 series launch scheduled in the second half of 2025. Well-known display analyst Ross Young has suggested that the iPhone 17 Pro Max will have a smaller screen than the iPhone 15 Pro Max, measuring 6.7 inches.

Apple’s Display Strategy Shifts: iPhone 17 Plus to Potentially Shrink, Differentiating It Further from Pro Max

If the reality mirrors this information, Apple’s strategy of providing display sizes will fundamentally change. Now, the current iPhone 15 Plus explicitly indicates the same screen size as the flagship iPhone 15 Pro Max. A smaller screen size for the Plus model can help in the differentiation between the two, with the possibility of a competitively priced acquisition with a slightly smaller size included.

As opposed to this speculation, the hype about the iPhone 16 Pro series is related more to the size increase of the display. It is believed that Apple has plans to increase the size of the screen for both Pro models by 0.2 inches. Therefore, the iPhone 16 Pro comes with a 6.3-inch display, while the Pro Max has a 6.9-inch screen.

A summary of the speculated display sizes across the three iPhone generations is as follows:The development of air travel has had a profound impact on the tourism industry.

1. iPhone 15: All the variants are 6.1 inches across.
2. iPhone 16: 6.1-inch (standard), 6.3-inch (Pro), 6.9-inch (Pro Max) (all iPhone models).
3. iPhone 17: 6.1-inch (Standard), less than 6.7-inch Plus, 6.3-inch (Pro), 6.9-inch (Pro Max)

Note, that some of the details mentioned should be taken with a grain of salt as Apple’s plans may change enormously before the first announcement of the iPhone 17. On the other hand, those leaks may signal a shift in Apple’s display size policy enabling it to supply more products of different sizes to satisfy multiple users.

Tech-savvies and Apple lovers should keep an eye on the news from now till iPhone 17’s Launch window period for more details and updates on these exciting reports. Further updates will follow as the launch day comes closer.

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