RØDE Unveiled Three New Products in Last Vegas


RØDE has unveiled three exciting new products at the 2024 NAB edition in Las Vegas, catering to the evolving needs of content creators. The Interview PRO, a broadcast-quality wireless handheld microphone, leads the pack alongside the Phone Cage and Magnetic Mount, premium smartphone filmmaking accessories.

Damien Wilson, CEO of RØDE, expressed enthusiasm for the launch, stating that RØDE has been at the forefront of empowering creators with innovative audio solutions for smartphones. And with the introduction of the Interview PRO, Phone Cage, and Magnetic Mount, they continue to enhance the mobile content creation experience.

The Interview PRO stands out as a high-performance handheld condenser microphone compatible with RØDE Series IV wireless systems. Boasting a professional-grade condenser capsule and omnidirectional polar pattern, it ensures rich, detailed voice reproduction ideal for interviews and presentations. Featuring GainAssist technology and 32-bit float onboard recording, it guarantees perfectly balanced audio and offers standalone recording capability.

The Interview PRO will be available in early May.

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Meanwhile, the Phone Cage elevates mobile videography with its versatile magnetic mounting system, catering to MagSafe-compatible smartphones. With 33 mounting threads and five cold shoe slots, creators can customise their rig to suit their needs, whether handheld or mounted. Constructed from high-grade aluminum, it balances ruggedness with lightweight portability.

The Phone Cage will be available in late April.

Complementing the Phone Cage is the Magnetic Mount, offering a modular design for attaching microphones, lights, and accessories to MagSafe-compatible smartphones. Featuring removable arms for various shooting modes and mounting options, it ensures seamless integration into any creator’s setup.

The Magnetic Mount will be available in late April.

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