FREE Domain Name and 1 Year Web Hosting Contest

This will be my first contest on this blog. The prizes are quite simple:

  1. The winner gets a 1 year free of domain name (your choice of .com/.net/.org) and a 1 year web hosting Standard plan from
  2. *UPDATE* Another winner gets a 1 year free of domain name (your choice of .com/.net/.org) and a 1 year web hosting U.S based Starter Plan from
  3. *UPDATE* Another winner gets a 1 year web hosting Basic Plan from (and a domain name of .com/.net/.org). Refer to my latest update about the contest post here.
  4. The 4th winner will get a 2 week of free advertising on my sponsors area (125×125 ad).

So what do you need to do to get the prizes?

I’m not going to use a point system on this contest (where you get points on doing certain tasks which will increase your chance in winning).

However, to be eligible for this contest, you have to:

  • Subscribe to both my RSS feed and Email subscription.
  • Help spread the word about this contest on any social networking site of your choice (Digg, StumbleUpon, Mixx, Twitter, etc)
  • Comment on this post that you’ve done above.
  • Simply be noticeable on my blog throughout the contest!
  • That’s it!

The winner won’t be random, but I’ll select people that I notice the most during the contest period!

The contest will end sometime in August and the winners will be reported on my post :)


Q: How can I be noticeable?
A: Many things! Good quality and frequent comments on my posts, by writing a post about this contest, by bringing referring traffic to this post, and many more – be creative!

Q: Why do I have to subscribe both your RSS and Email feeds?
A: RSS – so I can keep track of the subscriber numbers easily through the counter. Email – to make sure that you are not just subscribing to an RSS feed reader that you’ve never opened/read!

Q: Why aren’t you telling us when the contest will end?
A: This is to make sure that you’ve been reading my posts throughout the contest. I’ve found a few favorite blogs because I’ve been forced to read their posts through their email feeds before. I hope by reading my posts throughout the contest, my blog can be one of your favorite too!

If you’ve been loyally reading my posts throughout the contest, then you’ll know when the contest is going to an end :)

That’s it! Good luck!

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