July 2008 Statistics

My blog’s July 2008 statistics: 31,335 Visits, 50,686 Pageviews

  • Referring Sites – 19,656 visits
  • Search Engines – 7,874 visits
  • Direct Traffic – 3,792 visits
  • Other – 13 visits

Overall, it was a bad month compared to June 2008 with 49,660 visitors to my blog :( Part of the blame (there’s always someone or something to blame) goes to my new theme (I’ll tell it later on a post some time next week), lack of social bookmarking activities, and lots of pages were unranked due to my permalink structure change earlier.

Referring Sites Traffic breakdown:

Total money made online in July 2008: $81.52

  • Google AdSense: $67.03
  • Private Advertising: $15
  • ASE AdNet: $9.49
  • Selling 3000 Entrecard Credits on eBay: $6.50 (not really worth it, IMO)

Other interesting stuffs happening in July 2008:

  • My PageRank went up from PR1 to PR4.
  • My Alexa Rank, for the first time, went under 100,000.
  • For the first time, my blog’s feed subscriber count went to a 100-mark.
  • A new theme for my blog which is “perfect” for me.
  • Installed “SezWho” comment & rating system that is supposed to encourage more commenters. Whether it’s working or not, I can’t really tell.
  • Ditched my Technorati tags plug-in. Not worth the traffic I’ve been getting from Technorati.
  • Moved my sponsors area to above the fold. This should please every advertisers :) Feel free to advertise on my blog.
  • Received an $11 click from my AdSense :) It made me jump from my seat in disbelief.

Looking forward for in August 2008:

  • A contest to give away a free domain name + 1 year web hosting.
  • A new major change on Entrecard about the economy or Entrecard credits (or so I’ve heard)
  • More private advertisers (should be easier now that my blog has a PR4 than a PR1, but we’ll see)
  • More ways to get traffic on this blog! It’s not as easy as everyone said. Liars! :)

Some post highlights from July 2008:

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