Overwhelmed by Social Networking? Not for Digsby!

im + email + social networks
Digsby is an IM (Instant Messenger) + Any Email Notifications + Social Networking combined into one application.

If you chat and socialize to some people on the net, you must have realized by now, that not everyone is on the same network as you do.

With Digsby, however, you are guaranteed to be able to network to anyone you want, easily.

Digsby Benefits

Instant Messaging

I’m mainly on Windows Live Messenger (WLM/MSN) but somehow:

  • Most of my high school friends are all in Yahoo messenger
  • Some friends are very active in Facebook, but don’t turn their Instant Messengers on pretty often
  • My blogger friends usually have Gmail as their contact email (hence, a Gmail Talk)

Rather than opening multiple instant messaging applications (and logging in on different platforms), I’d rather have an application that does all in one go! Digsby does that, and more.

Digsby Contact List
Digsby Contact List

Email Notifications

Each one of us usually has more than just 1 email account. I have a Gmail, my own domain, Hotmail, and a Yahoo email account. Although I only have 1 primary account that I primarily use all the time, I still have to check others too occasionally.

If you are lucky, you can “auto forward” your emails on other accounts to your primary account (whatever you are using). Some email accounts don’t let you do this, unfortunately.

With Digsby, you can set up email notifications of these email accounts, saving you time from checking them one by one of any new emails.

At the moment this post is written, Digsby supports: Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL/AIM Mail, IMAP, and POP accounts.

Social Networking

Stay up to date with your friends on these social networks: Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace! You can receive notifications, requests, comments, and etc all in Digsby!

Too many social networks to handle? Not for Digsby!
Too many social networks to handle? Not for Digsby!


Digsby is light, easily customizable through skinning/themes, and provide an all-in-one stop for your online social networking.

I love using Digsby. It’s just that it doesn’t support the WLM custom emoticons :( I know some of you don’t care about using custom emoticons, but it gives personalization to your messages and chatting can’t be more fun than that.

However, if you don’t bother with using custom emoticons (you’ll still be seeing your friends’ WLM custom emoticons in Digsby anyway), have a try at Digsby. It’s going to save you a lot of time and keeping in touch with your friends and crushes can never be easier! :)

At least try and download Digsby. You can always uninstall it if it’s not up to your taste.

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