MSN Minimise Me

If you are feeling creative today, you can try creating your own “you” for WLM (Windows Live Messenger) through an MSN web service called “MSN Minimise Me“.

You can create a custom display image and corresponding smileys/emoticons easily using the Flash interface on the MSN Minimise Me website.

Kinda lame, but I guess it still is interesting and fun to try to create your own 3D character.

You can choose a variety of face “templates”, ranging from heads, eyes, eyebrows, etc. Some of them also have color variation that you can choose from to further customize your character.

Minimise Me User Interface
Make the "Handsome" you

Or if you are feeling lazy, you can use the custom made celebrity characters or just let the system generates a random character for you.

I can only recognize 2 of them :(
I can only recognize 2 of them :(

The fun factor is there, but I’m definitely not going to use the character and/or the smileys :)

I have my own emoticons that I love (the MSN Onion Head emoticon set is one of them) and happy with my current display image.

However, feel free to have fun on the site! Hope you can generate the real “you”!

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