iPod, iMac, iPhone, and now iRing?

The new "Will you marry me?" ring
The new "Will you marry me?" ring

Yes, the world has gone mad with these iHype things.

We already had iMac, iPod and iPhone (have I missed another i-?).

Now, a new concept ring, named iRing, can be used to control your iPod’s playback and volume, with style.

The ring itself is (thank God) wireless, so you shouldn’t expect to see cables lingering around your hands!

The concept ring is designed by Victor Soto from Bluepoly Studios (you can see his other portfolio there).

Although the ring is still in concept and may or may not go into production, it’s probably worth to hope for, if you are into this thing.

The price is unknown at this stage and also the release date, if any.

I’d say that this ring can be the future engagement ring for the geeks :)

For a more detailed explanation on what the ring does, check out the site here.

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