Free MSN/WLM Onion Head Emoticons

First time I saw a friend using this cute emoticon on the MSN (Windows Live Messenger), I laughed (no, not like the emoticon on the left here, it’s a different laugh) I asked him whether he had more.

He gave me a few of the same emoticon “theme”. I didn’t know it was called the “Onion Head emoticons” until recently. I then did a search in Google and found the site that creates these emoticons!

There are lots and lots of Onion Head emoticons on the site, such as:

Onion Head Emoticons

Onion Head Emoticons Onion Head Emoticons

Has it put a smile or a grin on your face yet :) ?

Check out the onion head emoticon club at Onion Club and download these cute emoticons yourselves!

The site is in Chinese though, so you have a few options:

  • Browse the site and download the emoticons by “guessing” (it’s not that hard as I’ve pointed the direct page to you)
  • or download the zip file that I’ve made just for you with these emoticons here (they are probably outdated though as the Onion Club releases new emoticons every now and then)

Oh, do I forget to mention that they have created some Onion Head display pictures as well? Here are some examples:

Onion Head Emoticons

The link to the display pictures page is here (sorry I haven’t got a zipped file for you this time). Download them and go impress your MSN / WLM Friends :D

What do you think of these emoticons? Feel free to give comments below.

If you like these MSN Onion Head emoticons, you’ll probably also like the YoYo Monkey Emoticon set here :)

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