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Monkify your Windows Live Messenger

“Hey! Do you know that you can monkify your Windows Live Messenger?”

“Yay! Tell me more! Tell me more!”

For the cost of nothing, you can grab these YoYo Monkey emoticon package from here. If you chat a lot, you may have seen these emoticons around (one of your buddies might have use it before). With these emoticons on the loose, chatting is more fun and more expressive!

You say:

Howdy Ho!

Your Friend says:
Hey, where do you get that from? I haven’t got that particular emoticon yet

You say:
Ohoho..I’m not gonna tell you, buddy. 
Go find it yourself

Your Friend says:
You better tell me now or else….

You say:

I’m sorry… you can download 132 of them from here, zipped.

If you guys know the official site of this monkey emoticons or the author’s, please let me know so I can credit him/her!

PS: If you like these emoticons, you’ll probably like the Onion Emoticon set as well. Check my post about it here.

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