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August 2008 Contest Update *again* (Last one, I promise!)

LoL, sorry for another contest update post, but my current hosting, LunarPages, has decided to join the fun :) Oh how great that news is, especially to you, my loyal contestants.

LunarPages is a great hosting company (I’ve been with them for several years on multiple hosting accounts) and if you are one the lucky winner, you will get (the same price) of FREE domain name and 1 year of Basic hosting plan (you don’t ever have to pay for domain name renewal fee if you host it on LunarPages).

So the contest prizes are now:

  • FREE Domain Name and 1 year of “Basic Plan” Hosting from Lunarpages.com
    (I’ve actually already reserved this prize for a special contestant on this contest *hint*)
  • 1 year of FREE Domain Name and “U.S Based Starter Plan” Hosting from HightekHosting.com.au
  • 1 year of FREE Domain Name and “Standard Plan” Hosting from think411.com
  • 2 weeks of advertising on my blog (The 3 grand prizes make this prize kinda puny, doesn’t it :( ). I’ve decided to randomly pick a contestant for this prize.

This first contest has made me more confident on organizing contests. Expect more contests on my blog in the future (“What? This hasn’t even ended yet!”). I know, I know :(

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