Google is peeping Australia

Google Maps Street ViewGoogle Street View has now come live in Australia!

Google Street View is part of Google Maps and allows you to explore a point of location on a ground level view (an actual screenshot of the location taken from the street level).

Google Street View helps you out in observing and pinpointing a certain location in the real life quickly and easily.

These are some scenarios to help you realize how useful Google Street View is:

  • You are going to a certain destination spot for your holiday. While planning, you may want to check out the place first before actually wasting your time to go there! Some time you’ve made a plan to go sightseeing on a good spot but end up disappointed.
  • You are trying to book a hotel but have no idea of its surroundings (besides looking at the street names and places on the map).
  • You have a meeting with your client on a new place that you’ve never been to. Google Street View can help you pinpoint the right building quickly, so you don’t have to waste time looking at the property numbers.
  • You may want to show off where you live to your friends.

    The City of Melbourne
    The City of Melbourne, where I live
  • You are planning on a property investment somewhere far and want to investigate more on its surroundings for value.
  • OR if you already have a property investment, you can keep track of the building progress from your home (assuming Google updates it frequently enough lol). For example, here is a photo of my current property investment area (still on development):

    Property Investment Google Street View
    Now you can see how lazy the developers are!

Although some people see this as an invasion of privacy, others (including myself) see this as a welcomed innovation! I’d expect us to be able to see a live feed directly from the satellite some time later in the future :)

So how has Google Street View benefited you?

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