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Facebook is testing a new button

Facebook Buy button

No, it’s not a Facebook Dislike button, as much as some people wanted it. The new button that Facebook is currently testing is the “Buy” button. The button is only available to selected small and medium-sized businesses in the U.S, so I think it will take a while before we can see them anywhere on our news feed.

With the button, customers (that is, you) can quickly make a purchase on Facebook, without having to leave Facebook.

We all want convenience and something to be done instantly. If you can see a sponsored product ad that you like so much on your Facebook feed, why bother having to go to a new site and make a purchase there? With just a few clicks, you can grab the promoted product pretty much instantly.

To make sure buyer’s privacy remains private, you can opt not to save your credit card or payment information when making the purchase. Or, you can choose to, so you can make quicker purchases the next time you see something else that you’d like to buy.

This new Buy button will certainly drive more sales to businesses because it removes hassles. And just like the “Like” button, it has this hypnotic thing that makes you want to just click it.

We shall see when the feature rolls out worldwide some time in the future.

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