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Facebook Slingshot, an alternative to Snapchat?

Facebook SlingshotDo you like to Snapchat with friends on your mobile device? Perhaps you are getting bored because you seem to be the only one sharing the snaps. Facebook has a solution with that, by introducing a “Snapchat clone” named Slingshot.

Like Snapchat, Slingshot allows you to take a snap (photo or video) from your mobile device and send it to your friends, which will auto destruct in X seconds. There is, however, one intriguing aspect in Slingshot.

You cannot open and view your friends’ snaps until you send them something back. It’s like a fair trade. “Want to see what I send you? Send me something too”. It works in a sense that it encourages friends to be social, to be open, and to have fun together with you. After all, where’s the fun in being the only one active, right? Sadly, I am that person who only enjoys looking at my friends’ snaps and replying them back with texts.

Slingshot app iconIn a sense, Slingshot is not a Snapchat clone. Slingshot is more like having a unique Facebook news feeds where people share statuses via videos and photos. At the same time, it ensures your news feed is kept alive because your friends have to share something back too.

Slingshot also allows a “reply” to your snap with another snap (just like reading replies under your Facebook status update).

Facebook Slingshot official video:

At the moment, Facebook Slingshot is only available on the U.S iTunes Store.

Source: Slingshot Blog

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