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Facebook adds a “Couple” page if your Facebook status is in a relationship

Facebook couple page

A breaking news today from Facebook that invites all sort of positives and negatives from around the net (mostly negatives though), you can now go to http://www.facebook.com/us to see a special page that Facebook has made/generated for you.

This “us” page shows all of your events, photos, and everything that you and your couple have done or gone through together.

This is not really something new, because at the moment, you can already view your friendship page with another Facebook friend (by adding a “?and=your_friend_username” after your profile URL (or easier, by clicking on the gear icon on your friend’s profile and choose “See Friendship”.

Facebook see friendship

Some people seem to be very disturbed with this facebook.com/us couple page though. I think it’s not that bad, because you are the only one that can see your own facebook.com/us page anyway. Besides, Facebook is just collating the information that you have posted yourself on Facebook.

Facebook Us Couple

Unless if there is a hack perhaps to see other couples? Not that I know of at this stage.

Source: Facebook newsroom

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