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Kingston SSDNow V+200 Upgrade Bundle Kit SSD review

Kingston SSDNow V 200 4

SSD (Solid State Drive) has become popular nowadays and most computer enthusiasts would want an SSD on their laptops, Ultrabooks, MacBooks, and even on their Desktop machines. The price has also gone more and more affordable these days. An SSD has a much faster read and write compared to the traditional HDD (Hard Disk Drive) and does not have any moving parts inside, so it uses less power and safer from bumps.

Kingston has a variety of SSD drives that are geared towards different segments: general consumers, business, and enterprise. The one that I have here to review is the Kingston SSDNow V+200, aimed for the general market.

Kingston is offering a different capacity on its V+200 model: 60GB, 90GB, 120GB, 240GB, and 480GB. The review sample that I have is the 240GB and it comes with an upgrade bundle kit.

Kingston SSDNow V+200 (with Upgrade Bundle Kit) packaging:

Kingston SSDNow V 200 1Kingston SSDNow V 200 2

Kingston SSDNow V 200 3

It comes with:

  • The 2.5″ V+200 SSD
  • 2.5″ USB enclosure + cable
  • SATA 3.0 cable
  • SATA Power cord cable
  • CD containing Acronis software to clone your current hard drive if you want to migrate from an existing one
  • USB
  • 3.5″ mounting brackets + screws

If you want to mount the SSD into your standard desktop, you’ll need to mount it first with the included 3.5″ mounting brackets. Installation is fairly simple though since this is my first time to install SSD on my computer, I needed to watch some YouTube videos to find out how to screw it onto the mounting brackets.

Kingston SSDNow V 200 6

After tightening all the screws (which are included in the packaging), all is set.

Kingston SSDNow V 200 10

Alternatively, if you are not planning to use the SSD as a desktop drive, you can use the enclosure and plug it as an external drive (via USB). The enclosure looks really nice and being made with a good material.

Kingston SSDNow V 200 7Kingston SSDNow V 200 8

Kingston SSDNow V 200 9Kingston SSDNow V 200 7

It’s also entirely screw-free so you can just open the enclosure up and snap the V+200 in like a charm. Kingston also includes a USB 2.0 cable to plug the drive externally into your USB slot. Unfortunately, it does not support USB 3.0.

Kingston SSDNow V+200 Benchmark

Using the Crystal Disk Benchmark, I’ve made some comparisons.

On my good old 7200 RPM HDD:

Hard Drive

Kingston SSDNow V+200 240GB Benchmark (running on IDE mode, incompressible data):

Kingston SSD IDE

Kingston SSDNow V+200 240GB Benchmark (running on AHCI mode, incompressible data):


These 2 tests show that the Kingston SSDNow V+200 definitely runs better in AHCI mode.

Running in Compressible mode shows an awesome speed of the drive:

Kingston Compressible test

The ATTO Disk Benchmark (which is a benchmark specifically made for SSD) shows a 500 MB/sec read speed and about 450 MB/sec write speed.


ATTO Disk Benchmark

If you are not into benchmarking, suffice to say that the Kingston SSDNow V+200 gives me a great boost of speed on the desktop experience (such as opening applications, copying files, etc). It also went really smooth during the Windows 8 startup. My Windows 8 startup time (to go to the logon screen) is around 10 seconds and after I log in, I can use my desktop almost instantly (compared to half a minute of waiting for my start-up programs to load-up on my old hard drive). This was tested on an AMD AM3 Phenom II X4 955BE processor with 8 GB Kingston DDR3 PC-10600/1333 memory, on the Gigabyte 890GPA-UD3H motherboard (SATA 3 6Gbs).

Kingston SSDNow V+200

All in all, I’m really satisfied having the Kingston SSDNow V+200 in my desktop machine. Startup, sleep, and wake-up time has significantly been improved compared to my previous 7200RPM hard drive. The drive is also quiet (not that I can get annoyed with a loud regular old hard drive), light (if you are going for the external solution), and the included upgrade kit makes it easier for people to upgrade their current machine.

Acronis (the clone software included) is a popular software and you can move your current operating system and its files easily from your old drive to the V+200 SSD. This SSD Drive is definitely not the fastest but if this is the first time you are getting your SSD, then you’ll love the extra burst of speed.

Rating by Michael Aulia: 7/10 stars

Note: Kingston SSDNow V+200 240GB review sample was provided for the review

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