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A fan with no blades and buffeting

Dyson Air Multiplier (Dyson Bladeless Fan)
Review of: Dyson Air Multiplier (Dyson Bladeless Fan)

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On Feb 5, 2010
Last modified:Mar 26, 2015


Out of this world technology advancement in a fan. It's bladeless and gives true comfort from a natural wind feel

Dyson Fan Review (the Air Multiplier) – Dyson shocked the world when its latest innovation, named the Dyson Air Multiplier (or simply known as the Dyson Fan), made a debut in television, internet, and magazines. People scratched their heads when they first saw the unit advertised as a fan. The design is new and innovative. But even more people scratched their heads when they saw the price. It is tough to compare a few hundred dollars fan compared to our conventional fan worth less than $50.

James Dyson can explain everything to you but you may not always understand what he’s talking about. So what makes the Dyson Air Multiplier expensive and special?

Before we talk about why you should spend the money for the fan, it’s probably a good idea to talk about how it works (as most of you might not have heard or seen the Dyson’s Air Multiplier before). But let’s have a closer look on the fan first.

Dyson Air Multiplier Review

Closer Look

Dyson Air Multiplier vs Conventional fan Dyson Fan Review Bladeless

The power, airflow control switch, and the oscillation control buttons:


It can also be tilted up and down:

Tilt up Tilt Down

How Dyson’s Air Multiplier (Bladeless Fan) works

Just like the conventional fans, Dyson’s bladeless fan also requires some degree of air as its input. The air is sucked through the tiny holes on the body of the fan (see picture below):

How it Works

I can confirm this because when I got the review unit from Dyson, the holes were sealed and no air came out from the fan until I removed the seals. The air is drawn using a combination of technology used in turbochargers and jet engines to generate a powerful airflow. The air is then amplified 15 times by Dyson’s technology “behind the scene” through lots of 1.3mm tiny holes shaped like a cross section through an airplane’s wing. Anyway, check out the animated video from Dyson below to understand it clearer:

Even if you still don’t understand it, it doesn’t matter. You’ll appreciate it more if you understand what’s going on behind the scene but you don’t have to. So let’s take a look at the Dyson’s Air Multiplier features.

Highlighted Features

The most innovative thing about the Air Multiplier is that it has no blades! Now this is not entirely true. Dyson Air Multiplier does have blades but it’s nowhere visible and you can nowhere accidentally reach them (I think I saw this when Dyson himself opened up the fan and explained how it works). However, the fan has no blades whatsoever exteriorly. Dyson Air Multiplier vs Conventional Fans? Let’s take a look!

No Blades – Safer for you, your kids, and….your pets!

Fan Safe for kids

Having no blades means that you can turn your fan on during summer without having to monitor your curious kids (oh how they want to touch everything they see!). Now, that includes your cats, dogs, or what have you. Instead of keeping the fan for their safety, you keep them for the safety of the fan! (it’s not fragile but you don’t want them to scratch or break it for the price you are paying)

Constant and Comfortable Airflow

On conventional fans with blades, you can feel the air slapping your face (called buffeting) at its highest settings. The air is not constant and quite irritating if you really think about it. With the Dyson Air Multiplier, the air is constant and comfortable. It feels like opening a small window in your room with the nice breeze coming through. Even at its highest settings, the air flow feels the same, just stronger.

Easy to clean

How to clean Dyson Air Multiplier

With the weird positioning of the conventional fan’s blades and the horrible-to-clean cover, cleaning a conventional fan take ages and unpleasant to do. With the Dyson Air Multiplier, you only need a cloth to wipe its surface to keep it clean. Very easy and simple to do, meaning you’ll probably clean it more than you did with a conventional fan.


Related to the point above, dusts and molds are normally get stuck on conventional fan’s blades and cover. Meaning, whenever it blows the air at your face, it blows those dusts and molds straight at you too! I never thought about this until Dyson made me aware why the Air Multiplier is more superior without the blades!

Dirty Conventional Fan

Dimmer Switch Control

With my conventional fan, I can only choose between 3 power settings: 0 (off), 1, 2, and 3 (max). With Dyson Air Multiplier, I could turn the dimmer switch control to adjust how much air I want the fan to blow. At first I didn’t think that this feature is a big deal, but after using it for a month (yes it’s summer here in Aussie), I fully appreciate this. On very hot nights (34-35 Celsius), I appreciate the fact that I could adjust it the way I wanted it to because I normally set the fan to blow straight to my face to accompany my beauty sleep. On my older fan, I wish I could set the power to 1 1/2 or 1 1/4 at times. This is no big deal on the Dyson Air Multiplier. Just turn the control and stop where you want it to.

Unfortunately at its highest settings, the Dyson’s fan makes quite a noise. Not so much on the lower settings, though. If you are after a quiet fan, unfortunately Dyson Air Multiplier may not suit your need. It’s better if you go to a shop and see it in action to see whether you can tolerate the noise level.

Easy touch to tilt

With the conventional fan, it’s a bit hard to adjust and at times I got scared that I was going to break it. Dyson Air Multiplier provides a much easier way to adjust its pivot. Simply touch the tilt base to adjust: push it or pull it. You only need one hand to adjust it which is great for a lazy bump like me. Often I woke up in the middle of the night while the fan was on, and I wanted to make the fan blew the air above my face instead of going straight at it. With the old fan, I needed to do an “extra work” *ahem* to adjust the pivot. With the Dyson’s Air Multiplier, I just used one of my hands to pull it without changing my bed position. Great :D


I accidentally dropped the fan once (yikes!) when I tried to close my Window with the fan sitting next to it. Thankfully it didn’t break (well it dropped on the carpet) but I was pretty scared. But if you’re wondering whether the Dyson Air Multiplier is made with a cheap plastic material, it isn’t. Quoted from Dyson’s official press release:

The Dyson Air Multiplier™ is constructed from tough Acrylontride butadiene styrene – ABS (C8H8 C4H6 C3H3N). ABS is a tough thermoplastic used to make light, rigid and moulded products. It has shock absorbing properties and is used to make car bumpers, crash helmets and modern golf club heads. It’s used in Dyson vacuum cleaners and Airblade™ hand dryers too.

Which I guess explains why the price is quite high as it is made with good quality materials, not some cheap plastics.

40 Watt power

Despite of what people might think about the fan using a lot of power, it doesn’t. From the product specification, the Dyson Air Multiplier fan is powered by a brushless 40-Watt DC motor. This is about the same power used for a conventional fan.

Using the Belkin Conserve Insight, the fan only consumes 28.7 Watts of power, which is equivalent to paying $3.73 per month.

Dyson Air Multiplier power consumption Watts


Dyson Air Multiplier is also very light so it is easy to carry around to different rooms in your house. Unfortunately it doesn’t have a hold handle so although it’s light, it can be carried easily with one hand.


official imageThis comes to the most question people asked me whenever they saw the fan and trying to read this post: Does it worth the price? The answer is, it depends. If you think that the Dyson’s Air Multiplier fan can cool your room, then you are wrong. It circulates and amplifies the air around it just like what a fan will do. With that price, you might as well buy a cooler (although you have to think about the electricity bills). However, as a fan, Dyson Air Multiplier excels in every area:design, innovation, looks, and features.

Dyson Air Multiplier design is innovative and looks great. It comes with 2 color variations: silver and blue. I have the blue and I actually like it better than the other, but I guess it depends on the interior design of your house/room. The fan is packed with features that I’ve already explained specifically above. Compared to the old conventional fan, Dyson Air Multiplier is superior in every single area. I have to give a good thumb up about the air breeze though. It is comfortable, constant, and it really feels like a fresh air coming in from your windows.

The only drawback of the Dyson Air Multiplier is probably the noise as the air is multiplied 15 times through its tiny holes. On its highest settings, the sound it makes is almost similar to a hair drier (although not as loud).

If you are looking for a fan and you’ve got the money, get it.
If you are concerned with the safety and hygiene of your children, get it.
If you are tight on budget and you are certain that you can live with your old fan, then don’t buy it.


+ Luxurious
+ Looks really good anywhere in the house
+ Sturdy design
+ Good material quality
+ Easy to clean
+ Safe for kids, no blades
+ No buffeting, fresh feeling
+ Can adjust the power level
+ Can rotate like the conventional pedestal fan


– Noisy on higher settings
– Price

Dyson AM01 10″ table fan, Blue (Misc.)

List Price: Price Not Listed
New From: 0 Out of Stock
Used from: $189.99 USD In Stock

Note: Review sample was sponsored by Dyson for the review. All opinions are 100% mine. Photos taken with Canon EOS 500D.

Dyson Air Multiplier Table Fan, 10 Inches, White

New From: $299.95 USD In Stock


    • So what if it doesn’t have blades? I can buy a car or a computer for 400 dollars. And don’t you think that if the fans with ‘blades’ get dust and mold stuck to the blades, then isn’t this dyson crap just circulating the dust and mold anyway? So it is not cleaning the air, it is blasting you with particles. It is not “quiet” like they say on the commercial. It is louder than a fan’s engine, the air is the only thing that is quiet. This is a supreme waste of money. Items like these are a problem for the economy. Only the rich people make these types of items, and only the rich buy these types of items. They DO NOT stimulate the economy in regards to the masses of the populace.

    • It can circulate the dust and mold if you don’t clean them up. The traditional fan with blades are harder to clean – honestly, I wouldn’t be bothered opening it up and wiping the blades one by one

      But yeah, this is definitely not for everyone but I know a few who have the money and bought the fan :)

    • Please tell me where in India can one find this exceptional technology? Really need to experience it.

  1. Gah, stop making me want to buy this so much! =) Not that I have a need of it just yet (Canada winter grr) but it sounds so exciting, especially coupled with that other review you wrote about it. Thanks Mike!

    • lol, can’t resist the temptation, can you :)

      That’s my job as a reviewer, I guess. As long as I review good stuffs. Don’t really want to recommend something that’s not worthy to be bought/used

  2. Dyson makes great products but this fan is simply too expensive. $120 to $150 and yes, I might consider it. But $300 plus?? The “buffeting” is just not “that” annoying, Sir James.

  3. We have one of these fans (12 inch) and I have to say that we just LOVE it.

    It is much much quieter than any of the cheap fans we’ve owned in the past (no blades or blade covers rattling around) and the quality of the airflow is just superb.

    Yes, it’s a bit pricey but when you don’t have AC, a good fan is worth its weight in gold!

    • for the price of a dyson fan you could buy a portable air conditioner the type that you have on the floor with a hose running out the window much better option i would think thxs cheya

    • But the portable A/Cs have to go into a window where you can seal the window so that no air can come in around the tube. Unfortunately, I have ‘upgraded’ ‘environmental’ windows which don’t allow me to do that!!!

  4. SUPERB… i take a seminar abt ds airmutiplier as a part of my colg wok…. becz i m soo interstd abt ths topic… i got a very good feed back abt ths device…

    any hw ,i hav a 1 doubt …we get coolbreez frm it only its circular direction…..is it enough for cooling a large hall?????

  5. I thank you very much for your review of this fan. They are $250 currently at Best Buy here in the States and my husband saw one and claimed it felt “just like air conditioning.” I tried to tell him that was because the store has air conditioning, but he still insists that I check it out. I thank you for your candor about it not actually cooling the space, but just being like a regular fan. Because of this and our house regullarly reaching over 90 degrees Farenheight it’s not worth my $250!

  6. After buying the table fan, I am very disappointed as it’s very noisy.
    Trust me, mid speed- noisy, max speed – unbearable.

  7. They say these are more hygienic than a regular fan…..what about the dust and mold that will build up inside the case where you cant see it??? Can you easily get access to clean the interior of the unit to remove the build up???
    At least on a conventional fan you can see the build up and know when to remove the surround and give it a good clean.
    They still look awesome though

    • Hey Steve, that’s a very good question and I’d never have thought about that. I don’t think you can open the fan up though so I’m not sure how much dust can go inside the fan

  8. I have lived in Brisbane in Queensland Australia for the past 8 years.
    Every night I have woken throughout the night feeling and sweating as though I were in a sauna due to the high temperatures and especially the high humidity. I have been using a Dyson fan now for 3 weeks. I have not woken up once in a sweat. I am comfortable and am sleeping so much better. I wish I would have had one years ago. I have a 12inch or 30cm placed on a piece of furniture about 8 feet from me. I have it on just above low setting.

    • You could have it “breathe ice” Michael. Just place a plastic box of ice cubes near the intake. That way the air will be cooler than the ambient temperature – until it is all melted that is.

    • This comment was very helpful. I am in the same situation finding it very difficult to sleep at night with heat so I think you have convinced me that one of these would be worth the money. Thanks

  9. A great piece of invention and the most premium-looking table fan I’ve seen so far. Retailing at $399 in Singapore. Definitely worth the investment.

  10. Hi
    I had a PI from China for just 50 US$ , good quality one.
    But as they said its noise is about 71 db , then I think it’s too high.
    I don’t know how MS. “Ann Estella” can sleep at nights with this much audio noise.

  11. Dust and mold will collect on the blades you cannot see; how easy are the internal parts cleaned?

  12. I carefully looked one over and tried one out at the store. It definately doesn’t move as much air as a conventional fan. Why try to re-invent the wheel for 300 dollars? It is different, that is all. Just different. (and ridiculously expensive)

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  14. Easy swipe to clean on a regular cleaning basis vs. having to take a conventional fan apart and get into all the nooks and crannies sounds very appealing. If we were to pay a water bill, this easy clean would eliminate the need for water, especially when I have to soak the front of the grill. Currently we have one conventional fan that stopped working, because out of all the fans in our a/c home, I didn’t get to clean it sooner than I should have. Also, to balance cost of any fans, I place strategically one in each back corner of our apt., to use ‘cross directional’ air, directing the a/c air from cooling the outside wall, and more on us and then back towards the center of our home (where the a/c intake filters and temp controls are usually located). This saves on electric bills and keeps the focus of cool on us…As for the noise, since our large complex can get noisy from time-to-time, and we are swing shift people (the early morning gardeners are of no help!), we would find the noisy to probably be useful as ‘white noise’…Am hoping the price does come down and new colors are added to this line…If budget would allow it, sure would buy one right now!

    • I dont understand all the talk about “cleaning” the fan??? Most people dont realize that your furnace filter needs 100% more changing than a fan blade. I change my furnace filter monthly, even if it doesnt need it plus get my ducts cleaned yearly. Now…fan blades dont ‘capture” germs that you dont already breathe in outside. So why worry so much about cleaning the ‘gunk’ from the fan blades….just because it looks dirty…then wipe it off. Germs are germs…they are here to stay. Ever see a bus boy clean a table at a restaurant? the person cleans the table top then uses the same cloth to wipe the seat right where you and everyone else has sat! Do you know the germs on your bottom as you sit and all the stuff from your bottom goes all over the seat and he or she wipes it with the same cloth as the table top??? So dont worry about the fan blades guys….We have more important things to think about!

    • I like what you have to say there Fast eddy. Very comprehensive. The stuff about the furnace filter and ducts and all, and especially the wiping down of tables at a restaurant. Same thing as wiping off work station seats and grips at a gym. Eventually everybody’s s–t’s being wiped around all over the place! How collectively stupid are we? Like washing our hands in a public rest room, then grabbing the same door handle to let ourselves out with, that the nitwit that DIDN’T wash just used! Hello?!

      Personally, I’m of the school of thought that says that if we become so germophobic that we sterilize ourselves, we may just end up neutering our immune systems through atrophy.

      If you really want to see where the problem lies with household dust – have your Kirby salesman come over and have YOU give your own mattress a quick sniff. Let’s face it – the human body is just one big festation! I won’t tell you how much skin we exfoliate, but I read somewhere that your mattress will double it’s original weight if you keep it for 7 years!!!! Don’t even get me started on the pillows we drool on!!! Toss the $10 dirt bags MONTHLY, and stop giving the dust mites a watering hole!

      And a tip of the hat to Big Bird too, for calling it the re-invention of the wheel for just $300. That’s a good one bud.

  15. I just got one of these a few days ago after I got tired of the rattling of both of my ceiling fans and I’m loving it. It’s loud, but not that loud. I honestly can’t hear it over the other ambient noise in the flat and the constant breeze at my back is pleasant. As said in the review, it won’t actually cool your place down, but it does a great job at moving the air around and looks good at doing it. That being said, it’s not for everyone, and it’s not marketed towards everyone either. If you have the money to spend and want/need an attractive fan for your workspace or home I’d recommend one of these, but if your budget is too tight look elsewhere.

  16. Purchased this fan at half price, cant say where. Still feel i paid to much. I have a broken dyson fan, caused from i feel is something that got overlooked. The base is a little small and got knocked off the counter by my cat. “Expensive broken dyson fan”. Back to my old fan that will not tip, and if it does.” so what”.

  17. Am in Bangkok and saw that a local company, Scana, is making the identical fan for $200 cheaper. Was not about to spend that kind of money for the Dyson, but will probably pick one of these up. Identical, right down to the blue interior…

  18. If you are really concerned about dust etc bear this in mind:

    With a conventional fan you can open it up and clean the blades, where the static charge accumulated from their motion will attract dust.

    With this fan, the impeller (a fancy fan) is located inside the base, where it is much more difficult if not impossible to clean, but the same dust builds up on it, for the same reason.

  19. This fan is just fun-looking, I hope it will also work because I have ordered one.
    Too expensive (almost 400AUD) ? Not really, I bought it as a gift for my wife, so she could not complain that it is too expensive. It is not such expensive as car, so who cares.
    I have one partially very cool and partially disappointing Dyson vacuum cleaner (“mini version with the same sucking power” and sucking is disappointing part of this in other case really well designed tool), so why not to try next gadget.

  20. External cleaning is simple, but how are the internal components cleaned, the ones that will still collect the dust and mold spores and presumably blow them out through the annular vent?

  21. I agree with “Ignorant Bystander” and he is right , there are blades inside the base, also that over time this fan will become less efficient and it will need to be pulled apart to clean properly, and that won’t be a simple task. I for one think it is to expensive for what you get.

  22. I purchased this fan, and am quite disappointed. Firstly, it is very noisy! To get a decent airflow you need to turn it up high, and then the noise is just too much!. Secondly, the fan sucks air from its base. I prefer a fan that sucks air from behind. That way, when it cools down outside, I can put this in the window, and blow the cool outside air in. Finally, the dust gets into the internal blades, and is VERY hard to clean!

  23. Although the use of an airfoil shape is interesting, this is a silly Rube Goldberg of a fan. Ooh!ooh, I’m getting BUFETTED! C’mon! To avoid the evil buffeting, you need a fan that’s noisy as a car engine and costs as much as a set of front tires. And it’s not the holes that are shaped like airfoils, it’s the shape of the inside of the ring that’s doing the `amplification’. I’ve seen these things at stores – they’re with other fans, so go to where you hear the noise. The expense is due to the ridiculous complexity of these fans. And I’d be willing to bet that, watt-to-watt, these fans don’t actually move as much air as conventional ones do.

  24. Too bad the fan is priced so high. It will never drop either as we look back at other Dyson Products. It would be very nice to have as I am very allergic to Dust and Mold. BUT, being on fixed income I will never own one. When I hear Dyson spoken with my family and friends, Everyone Laughs and then promptly ignore the products. Dyson should stick with marketing in the High Priced Areas. These are not for the Normal American Household.

  25. Hi everyone, I know nothing about this fan. This is the only review I could find on it. This review is very suspicious. I suggest you reread it and note the product friendly words/verbage used. Also, I think that if this product was ‘the real deal’ it would have many reviews and not just one highly slanted (in my opinion) product friendly one.

    • That’s exactly what I was thinking! It’s amazing marketing that Dyson can take an otherwise pedantic device and make a “marvel” out of it. Are the vacs good? Yes. Are they worth twice another brand’s top line? Not so much. What the heck does anyone expect from a fan? Blow, baby, blow. $15 is just fine for me.

  26. Just bought 1 from Costco in Australia last week.
    Going back tomorrow to return it. Noisy as hell.

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