“Redesign your blog/website” contest

Redesign your blog and website contest

The guys over at Buy Templates are nice enough to sponsor prizes for this contest. I know a few of you have just started a blog or a website, so I’m sure it’ll be great if you can win some good quality templates, logo, and banners for your new blog/site. Everyone who participates will also be getting a professionally designed web template. So everybody is a winner :)

The “Redesign your blog/website” contest will end on 11th March 2010. Contest detail is as follows:

Join the Blog Contest and Win Prizes worth Hundreds of Dollars

This contest is open for everyone that owns a blog. This contest is a boon especially to online entrepreneurs that wish to have fascinating web templates for their websites. While these high quality web products cost hundreds of dollars, here’s a chance for you to win professionally designed web templates and banners by taking part in this contest. The highlight of the contest is that you need not necessarily be a top scorer to get prizes, even mere participation in the contest entitles you for a fabulous prize.

To participate, you must post the entire review given below about the 3 sponsors including the in-content links along with the rules and prize list in your blog sites. All you have to do is copy the entire description and paste it in your blog and publish it. You are also required to mention and put the link back to this contest post. The top three participants that score maximum number of credits will be declared the winners of first, second, and third prizes respectively.

The texts to be included in your post about the sponsors:

Buytemplates.net, Brochuremoster.com, and Templatewind.com— A Review

Website templates undoubtedly have become the most preferred tools to create websites in a jiffy. Today website templates are not only cheap but also are of very high quality thanks to the competition among the web development companies through out the world. The current trends among the web template vendors have become more advantageous to the customers. Since clients have become smart investors vendors no longer sell individual templates, instead they have started to offer membership programs which provides the customer free access to all of the templates in their gallery.

Earlier it would cost a lot if the client wishes to launch many websites. Today with a single membership fee one can download any number of web templates and even choose the web technology that they wish to run their websites in. For example CMS web templates such as Drupal templates were costlier than their HTML counterparts. Now without having to spend an additional dime, customers can pick the template of their choice from the template gallery. Buytemplates.net is one of the pioneers in the web template world that has transformed itself to serve its customers in an amicable way. The website also offers template customization and custom template designs upon request. Apart from delivering high quality products at cheap rates, the website also provides its customers with an opportunity to earn online money through its attractive affiliate programs. The best customer support provided by buytemplates.net makes it one of the most preferred membership websites in the internet.

Templatewind.com goes even further by offering six web-based products for low membership fee. Template wind is a part of group consisting of six websites that offer various web-related products, such as website templates, brochure templates, icons, logos, banners, and illustrations. Memberwind.com serves as a threshold for this constellation. This economically viable membership website surprisingly has premium quality website templates like the most revered oscommerce templates in its collection. If you would like to develop your online businesses with minimal expenses, membership with templatewind.com is the best option for you.

Although the age of internet has dominated the world, brochures still remain the most efficient marketing tools when it comes to conventional marketing. Earlier designing brochures were a cumbersome process that required a hefty sum. With the advent of brochure templates it is easy to print brochures within minutes of download thanks to the innovative efforts of online entrepreneurs. Brochuremonster.com has one of the finest collections of brochure templates, full color postcards, flyers, and even posters.

The high quality brochures are available for a low price and the website offers membership programs as well. The low-cost membership programs can be highly lucrative for brochure printers and those that wish to print multiple brochures for their organizations. The website also provides numerous freebies that make it easy to customize the brochure template to your requirements. The website also offers brochure customization service for those that require professional customization. You can also place orders for custom designs and the brochure design team can create excellent brochures according to your specifications within a couple of days.

Prize details for winners are as follows:

First prize:

1. Custom banner design from bannerwind.com worth $ 149
2. Vista button icon package from iconplant.com worth $ 67
3. Get any brochure package from brochuremonster.com worth $ 149
4. 125×125 banner ad on CravingTech.com (One month) worth $30 (no warez or adult sites please)

Second prize:

1. Custom Logo design from logoangel.com worth $ 99
2. Two WordPress templates from buytemplates.net worth $ 58
3. Text link ad from purplesnote.blogspot.com (One month)
4. 125×125 banner ad on CravingTech.com (One month) worth $30 (no warez or adult sites please)

Third prize:

1. Membership at buytemplates.net worth $ 49
2. Text link ad from designredesign.net (One month)
3. Text link ad from favouritehobbies.wordpress.com (Two months)

Prizes for participants

Every participant will receive a professionally designed web template from the sponsors.


  • Read the ‘Terms and Conditions’ before you enter the contest. Your participation in the contest implies that you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions of the sponsors regarding this contest.
  • The contest starts on 4th Feb 2010 and ends on 11th of March 2010. Credits earned after the closing date will not be included.
  • To participate in this contest your blog should be at least 3 months old.
  • Participants can post this review article in any number of blogs and only one post per blog will be accepted.
  • Post this review along with sponsors’ ad banners, rules, and prizes. Care should be taken that the hyperlinks in the review are “do-follow” links and are live.
  • You can follow buytemplates.net on twitter and earn credits as well.
  • You can also post reviews about the contest on different social media sites to gain credits
  • You can get the maximum credits if you write a review of your own about any of the sponsors’ websites buytemplates.net, brochuremonster.com, or templatewind.com.
  • Submit your entry URL by posting a comment beneath this contest post

Credit values are as follows:

1. For blog post on the review text and link back to this post – 3 credits
2. For twitter followers – 2 credits (http://twitter.com/buytemplates)
3. For social media bookmarks to this contest post – 1 credit each (e.g. twitter, facebook, digg, stumbleupon, etc.)
4. Writing a short review about any of the three sites on your own and posting it on your blogs would get you an additional -10 credits
5. For joining in the sponsors’ affiliate program – 2 credits

Terms & Conditions

  • All of the entries will be judged by a panel of experts based strictly on the prescribed rules and persons with highest credit scores will be declared winners.
  • As far as the prizes are concerned the decision of expert panel appointed by the sponsors are final and binding.
  • Sponsors reserve the right: to substitute a prize for any item specified in the list in the event of non-availability of the specified prize; to end the contest earlier or extend it further than the date specified; and to withhold the results in the event of a dispute.
  • Prizes are awarded without warranty of any kind, expressed or implied without limitation.
  • Use of the prizes is at your own discretion and risk and sponsors will not be liable for any damages resulting from the use of the prizes awarded.
  • Winners of the contest will be notified by email only.
  • The winner that does respond within 15 days after the notification will forfeit his/her prize.
  • In the event of panel discovering any fraudulent practices, such as cheating, deception, or other unfair practices the winner will be disqualified from the contest even after the announcement of the results.


All the best, everyone!

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