Don’t like WordPress “Fresh” administration theme? Try Fluency

If you hate the not-so-“Fresh” theme of the new WordPress, why don’t you try Fluency Admin plug-in? It’s compatible with the latest WordPress 2.5 and offers a cooler look-and-feel Administration color themes and panels for you. You simply activate the plug-in and that’s it!

Fluency Admin is too easy to install, so even if you don’t like it, you can simply deactivate it and remove the plug-in files. Since I’m using the OneClick plug-in, I simply upload it through the WordPress Admin interface and activate it straight away (don’t even have to unzip and FTP the files).

I actually like the new WordPress 2.5 Fresh theme, but after I try Fluency Admin, I think I’ll stick with this one! I always like dark gray-ish interface, so this is probably one of the reason why I like Fluency Admin :)

Fluency Admin is not just about a new color theme to your Administration panel, though. It overhauls the Administration user interface a little bit. Navigational menu on the left instead of on top, buttons and roll-overs look sexier now.

Fluency Admin will satisfy your eyes. It won’t bring any new features to your Administration panel. So, unfortunately, if you hate the new WordPress 2.5 Administration layout, Fluency Admin can’t do anything to change that. Trust me though, if you write posts every day, you’ll find that the new WordPress 2.5 changes are really for the better! You just have to get used to it before you decide to like it or to hate it.

Some screenshots:


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