How to update WordPress plug-ins easily

I was about to post this last week, but I thought that WordPress 2.5 was just around the corner, so I decided not to write a post about this wonderful plug-in. I cancelled the post because it will be built-in on the upcoming WordPress 2.5 (currently on RC2 – Release Candidate 2). Since it’s being delayed again, I thought we might as well use this plug-in until WordPress 2.5 final has come out.

OneClick plug-in basically makes your life of updating plug-ins easier. It’s a plug-in to handle other plug-ins update. No more opening your FTP program, extracting the zip file, transferring the files to the plug-in directory, and reactivating your plug-in. All of these will be cut short through a simpler and shorter steps with OneClick plug-in (hence, the name).Don’t get tricked by the name, though. It still involves more than one click to get your plug-ins updated.

However, the steps involved will be (after you have installed and activated OneClick plug-in):

  1. Download the updated plug-in file (usually in .zip) 
  2. Instead of extracting and uploading the files with an FTP client, you’ll just go to your WordPress Administration Dashboard, click on menu called "OneClick Install".
  3. On there, you simply browse and upload the .zip file through the provided interface.
  4. That’s it! You can go to your plug-in menu and you’ll see that your plug-in has already been updated.

Now, that’s simplicity! Updating a plug-in can’t get any easier than this! Get the plug-in here before WordPress 2.5 comes out :)

I’ve also posted a similar topic, "How to update WordPress itself automatically" if you’re interested.

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