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Does Blogging make you happier?

JumpThat catchy title caught my eye on this morning newspaper, when I was waiting for my coffee.

Does Blogging make me happy? How about you? No one can answer this better than yourself, of course.

But why would blogging make us happy?

Depends on your motivation for blogging and its impact on your life, then you may answer a “No” to that question.

Your answer can be a No if:

  • You want to make money from blogging but fail to see it coming or it’s below your expectations
  • You need your blog as a marketing tool for your business, whatever that is, and it’s not delivering
  • Your blogging life is destroying your family and social life
  • Your blog is constantly being spammed with discouraging comments such as “Your blog sux to the max”, “You must be a 13 year old kid”, etc.
  • …. fill in the blank here

From the newspaper, some bloggers claim their lives are much happier after blogging, mostly because they can interact with “strangers” (other fellow bloggers and readers) and find some sort of acceptance in the society. Funny though, that none mention about making money lol.

Comes down to it, if you are successful in blogging (“success” here is pretty relative and subjective), your life must have been somewhat happier than before.

Human beings are selfish and we always want to be accepted in the society, to be popular/well-know, and mostly, to show that we are better than the others. I have that thoughts and feelings too sometimes. Besides, who will frown if a reader writes a comment to you to tell you how nice you really are? Or how great your blog is?

Blogging does make me happier in some sense. Why it makes me “happier”:

  • Interact with great new people online
  • Improves my English writing skills. Try reading my first blog posts :)
  • Gives me some sort of achievement feeling
  • I used to hate writing, but I like it now (weird)
  • I like tweaking stuffs, and changing themes have been a challenge for me, yet fun
  • Gives me something to do rather than just wasting my leisure time playing games
  • Gives me a nice income and hoping to get more ^^
  • I like teaching people (as long as they do their part too – listen, remember, and try before they ask)
  • I love to help people out and this passion can be poured out on my posts easily

Does blogging make you happy? :)

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